5 Ways to Make Lifelong Memories with Your Best Friends

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Life is all about living, which is why you should regularly gather your closest friends to experience unforgettable moments together. If you are looking for a little inspiration, find out the five ways you can make lifelong memories with your nearest and dearest.

Go on a Road Trip

There is nothing more liberating than an action-packed road trip, which will allow you to explore different sights, sounds and attractions. Find the time in your diary to go on a small or big adventure with your girlfriends so that you can share in the experience with each other. You will love driving along the open road, staying in run-down motels, and singing to music as you drive from A to B. It’s one adventure you will never regret.

Go to a Sports Game

Experience the electric atmosphere of a sporting event, such as football, hockey or soccer, which will allow you and the girls to embrace your competitive side, indulge in a stadium hot dog and enjoy an ice-cold beer. You’ll have plenty of fun cheering on your team, waving foam fingers and shouting at the ref. It is an exhilarating experience you each will never forget, so make memories by looking for an upcoming sporting event at

Volunteer Together

Are you looking for a life-changing activity to enjoy with your girls? Consider volunteering your time to a worthy cause. Gather your girls to pitch the benefits of giving something back to the community, such as a new outlook on life, a sense of pride, and why it’s important to help others. While not everyone might embrace the idea initially, you can be sure that they’ll be glad they chose to help once the experience is over. Get ready to hand out blankets to homeless people, serve food at a local soup kitchen or read to elderly residents at a nursing home.

Do Something Daring

It can be hard to forget skydiving out of a moving plane, or bungee jumping from a bridge. If you’re a little afraid to perform the activity alone, you can guarantee your friends will provide the strength and support you need to complete the challenge. Look for adventures or activities that push each other outside of your comfort zones. You’ll all look back on your life with no regrets and will become more confident, fearless women.

Go Camping

Laugh, chat and sing songs under the midnight sky to make wonderful memories with your friends. Camping will require you all to work together to survive in the great outdoors so that it can bring you all closer together. It will be hard to forget the moment you successfully built a fire, the moment of satisfaction when you have erected a tent or the explosion of flavor from delicious smores.

Have you got any helpful advice on how to create lifelong memories with best friends? Did any of the above activities make you feel closer to your girlfriends? Please write a comment below.

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