Man-ipulative Women

We are all guilty of doing things to get our way that would be considered manipulative. The truth is, women have been manipulating men since the beginning of time. This is not to say men don’t do their fair share of manipulation, but women are much craftier when it comes to getting what they want.

You may not be very manipulative yourself, but chances are you know a girl who is. You hear stories of how she got her boyfriend to take her to that expensive restaurant or tricking him into getting her that expensive Tiffany’s bracelet. Sometimes it goes even further into more serious matters, like engagement rings and pregnancies.

Women are clever and creative when they want something. Some may even have a way of letting the guy think they came up with the idea entirely on their own. Then there are some women who don’t even intentionally manipulate, it is just a natural instinct.

So for those of you who aren’t sure if you are doing this, here are five common types of man manipulation:

1.  Sex : The most obvious tactic of all, even men know women do it. This is because men will do anything for sex and agree to something they wouldn’t otherwise. A situation (ie. a concert or chick flick) could seem horrible to them until a consolation prize is involved.

2. Whining : No one likes a whiner. Most men will do anything to make you stop. We know that if we whine long enough, we will get our way. Whatever it is you want him to do can’t be as bad as listening to you. This is a form of “mental terrorism” in which we weaken his patience and stubbornness with our nasally cries.

3. Guilt : This is similar to whining but with a different effect. Instead of annoying them, we make them feel bad about not giving us what we need to be happy. Another “mental terrorist” attack, women will learn something about a man that makes him feel guilty and use it to her advantage.

4. Flattery : Much less harmful than #2 and #3 because you are inflating his ego. You know exactly what he wants to hear . You know this works because, admit it, flattery works on you.

5. Mind Games : A woman can plant an idea in a man’s mind or change what he thinks without him realizing it. You really want him to take you somewhere but you don’t want to ask. You keep talking about this place and drop certain hints until he asks you.

Some of us do this more than others. Some of us only do it when we really want something, and others do it so often they’ve lost count. Some women wouldn’t even think man-ipulation is wrong! But, some nights you don’t feel like watching sports or eating pizza, or you really wanted a nice birthday present instead of a joke gift.

But then it gets serious. You are manipulating a guy into taking your relationship further or even into changing something about himself. Chances are you have been manipulated yourself in some way, so it is probably best to stop. If you want something you shouldn’t be afraid to ask (nicely). A relationship should be filled with honesty and trust. If you’re unhappy and want him to honor your judgement, tell him that you’re unhappy and give him the reasons for unhappiness. Don’t manipulate him into making you happy.

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  • PeterPan
    August 22, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    man knows that woman are manipulating them in some cases…. but we don’t realize how much, and why… sometimes there is not reason for it. Thank you for the great and honest article.