How To Win Over Your Man’s Friends

It’s Superbowl Sunday, and you’ve agreed to hang with the boys to watch the game. As your man’s car rolls into the driveway, you panic at two realizations. One, you have no idea which two teams are even playing in the final match. Two, you’re the newest addition to the crew, and somehow yelling “GO BLUE” just doesn’t seem like the smoothest way to prove you’re a gem. Don’t panic! Here are four foolproof ways to win over your man’s friends!

1. STRESSED is Just DESSERTS Spelled Backwards

If you’re going to a party, it never hurts to bring a little something for people to enjoy. Food is an automatic community builder! Since one of the most intimate things one person can ask another to do is share a meal, (think holiday dinners, first dates, etc.) it makes perfect sense to bring something to eat as a thank-you for being invited. It’s polite, a great ice breaker, and a way to show off a bit of your personality without words if you’re feeling tongue-tied or shy in front of your beau’s bros.

2. Don’t Keep Him On a Tight Leash

This golden rule will not only help you win over your man’s friends, but will also have a generally positive impact on your relationship. As you’ve probably experienced with some of your female friends, a terrible habit that some couples get into is becoming too interdependent. If his friends invite him out for the evening and you don’t feel like tagging along, then don’t! That said, don’t turn the situation into a “them or us” either. Learn to value your quality time with self as much as you value your time with your significant other. That way you avoid being seen by his friends as possessive or jealous, and when you do feel like venturing out with his group, everyone is happy to see you!

3. Show Off Your Friends

Do your best to merge your social circles. If you know that you and your girls are having a night out, see if they mind you inviting some of your BF’s crew. It benefits both parties. If your friends are on the prowl, you cut their work in half by introducing them to a few guys you can vouch for. Since the trust is already there, sparks will probably fly with much more ease than if it were with a random stranger. You’ll also become girlfriend MVP for playing match maker. What man doesn’t want to be introduced to a group of women as charming and wonderful as you and yours? (Disclaimer: Make sure you size up the men you decide to bring into your inner circle! Being friends with your guy may be the only good decision they ever made. Quality control is your job as the go-between.)

4. Be Genuine, Be Approachable

Work it! Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Instagram – with all the avenues of social connection available,  never has it been easier to get to know someone. This doesn’t have to be totally virtual. A simple exchange of phone numbers will do too. The point is to show that you care by learning what his friends are interested in. That way, you’ll have more to talk about the next time you’re all together. Is his best friend’s avatar a picture of Kobe Bryant? Take a minute to check out his stats and how his team is doing. Do you always bump into someone you met through your man at a certain restaurant? Next time you plan a hang out, you know he loves French food – so discuss it! With a little research and keen skills of observation, it isn’t hard to make someone feel like you see the real them.

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