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Skin Care: All Natural Or Synthetic

There seem to be two schools of thought when it comes to having radiant looking skin: all natural or all synthetic. But what if there was another way? What if you could use both natural and technological/synthetic methods to help your skin be incredibly healthy and incredibly beautiful? Oh wait. You can!

There is no law that says you have to choose only natural or only synthetic methods of treating your skin. The truth is that there is merit to both…or haven’t you heard of sunscreen? Speaking of which…


One of the most important parts of caring for your skin is protecting it against sun damage and other elements. This means that you need to understand the difference between simply warding off sunburn and actively protecting your skin’s health. After all, even if you never get a sunburn, persistent exposure to the sun can still cause damage. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is important that you wear a sunscreen that has at least a 15 SPF rating.  The more sensitive your skin or prone it is to burns, you’ll want a higher SPF.

Of course, if you hate the idea of wearing sunscreen (a synthetic substance), there are other things you can do to protect your skin from sun damage…but you probably won’t like them much.

Sans sunscreen the best thing you can do to prevent sunscreen is to actually cover your skin with something that is diffuse enough to keep sunlight off of your skin. SkinCancer.Org recommends tightly woven fabric in dark or bright colors (skip the light and pastel fare). Wear big floppy hats with at least 3-4 inches of brim to keep your face and neck protected. Yes, you’ll likely overheat but you won’t have to wear sunscreen, right?

Laser Hair Removal

The idea of cosmetic procedures might skeeve you out, but ask yourself this: would you really rather spend time every day or every week making your own natural shave lotion and then shaving your under-arms, legs and bikini area? Sure, you could skip both and go the “natural” route and that is absolutely your choice. If you don’t like the idea of having body hair, though, the laser hair removal reviews are in: procedures like the Gentle Max system are safe, it don’t hurt much and can keep you hair free for months or even years at a time.

It is particularly helpful for people whose hair growth is thick and persistent (unofficially called Robin Williams Syndrome). According to these testimonials for American Laser; laser hair removal is often the best thing to happen to the patients who choose it.

Make sure, though, that you do your research and seek out independent laser hair removal reviews for the clinics in your area before you make your appointment. You need to make sure you work with someone professional and experienced or it won’t take.

Proper Hydration

Water is the most natural thing in the world and it is incredibly important for your skin care routine—both internally and externally.

Internally, water keeps your body healthy. It helps regulate your body’s temperature. It keeps your joints cushioned and properly lubricated, keeps your spinal cord and muscles safe, and when excreted is what carries waste from your body. Externally, proper hydration keeps your skin soft and supple. It improves your complexion and helps prevent an otherwise sallow appearance. The CDC recommends drinking several glasses of water during the day—even when you don’t feel thirsty—to keep your body healthy.

In terms of skin care, most of the time plain water is all you need for a refresher during the day. Skip the chemical laden towellettes from the makeup counter. Instead, carry around a small mister filled with water. When you get hot or if you feel like your skin is oily, simply mist yourself lightly with the water and dab or blot it dry. You’ll feel cool and refreshed and you won’t risk damaging your sensitive skin.

PRO TIP: Make sure whatever makeup and sunscreen you’re wearing is waterproof.


Oatmeal is great for your health—it’s a great source of fiber, grains and other nutrients. More importantly, oatmeal is great for your skin. When applied topically, oatmeal can help fight acne, exfoliate your skin and relieve skin irritations. Adding some oatmeal to your bath, for example, can moisturize your skin and improve its overall glow and complexion. As an added benefit, oatmeal is really cheap. It’s definitely cheaper than whatever you’d have spent on those masks and exfoliants at Sephora or Nordstroms!

A quick Google search will turn up dozens of oatmeal skin care recipes that you can use to improve the look, feel and health of your skin—most of which you can make for about a dollar. That’s pretty awesome!

Remember, no matter how much pressure you might be getting from the people at Whole Foods or in the park with your kids, you don’t have to choose between the all-natural and all-synthetic camps. In fact, the best thing you can do for your skin is combine the two schools of thought. The things we’ve discussed here are just the beginning. With a little more research you’ll turn up plenty of other examples that will prove us right!


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