Tips for Dating in Your 20s

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Despite the constantly changing nature of dating and relationships, most general advice tends to stay the same: stuff like “make sure to listen,” and “be open about your feelings.” These are relationship necessities, but they’re fairly basic and well known. So with that said, here are some fresh relationship tips to consider!

Don’t Rush

There’s a tendency among most girls in their 20s to rush into a serious relationship out of some fear that “all the good ones will be taken.” What’s important, however, is finding the right guy – not finding one quickly!

Downplay Social Media Stalking

Social media has totally altered dating and friendships alike, and while it’s perfectly normal (and even fun) to check out your boyfriend’s old Facebook photos, there are limits. If you find yourself obsessively combing through photos with old girlfriends, for example, it may mean you just don’t trust him.

Don’t Over-Advertise

Another social media tip: girls posting dozens and dozens of photos a week, constantly updating statuses and communicating publicly, etc., can come across a bit self-absorbed. And even if those photos are gorgeous, guys might be a bit overwhelmed.

Hold Onto Your Friends

This is actually a general tip for girls in their 20s from Lauren Conrad, but one that applies to dating as well. With all the dating and heartbreak that takes place for young people, friends can be the constant support team you need. Plus, a girl with a solid friend base has a fuller life to share with a significant other!

Try Not To Compare

You’ll inevitably compare a guy to past boyfriends, but try not to take it too far. You may never feel butterflies like you did when you were 16 and got a kiss from the cutest guy in school; but it’s all relative. You’ll feel something deeper and stronger at some point.

Let Go Of Fiction

There’s romantic fiction all over the place these days, from popular films to literature. Even at Adam & Eve, known mostly for its adult products and accessories, you can find sexy fiction like 50 Shades of Grey. While these sorts of stories are great for providing some thrill and excitement, they’re also fiction. Don’t judge your own life based on expectations these stories lead to!

Stay Confident In Yourself

Your 20s can be tough: heartbreak, moving away from home, job searching, etc. It’s easy to feel like you’re not getting off to a quick start in your adult life. But try not to let that affect your personal confidence. Stay positive, catch the right guy, and all the rest feels trivial

Don’t Force Spontaneity

“Be spontaneous.” It’s an incredibly common relationship tip. But here’s a new spin on it: only be spontaneous if, well, it’s spontaneous. If you have to force it, it might mean you’re just not that interested in him. If you’re head over heels in love, you’ll have no problem surprising him and showing some natural spontaneity, at least in the early going.

Have fun!

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