5 Unusual Ideas To Organise a Unique Birthday Party


If you’ve a big birthday coming up and want to wow your friends and family with an event they won’t forget, then your best bet is to think outside the box and go with something slightly more unusual than a night out at the local pizzeria. Whether it’s a 21st, 30th 40th, 60th or any other adult birthday, there are plenty of unusual venues to visit. In addition, specialised companies are now offering a myriad of ways to create a memorable and “different” event your guests will talk about and remember for ages. Forget boring drinks down at your local pub! Here are five unusual ideas to make your birthday party unique. Check ’em out!

1. Educate your guests

Why not educate your guests whilst simultaneously entertaining them? Hire a recommended professional from one of many companies offering “master class” services. Often, these experts will come to a location of your choice, which could be your own home. It’s their job to teach you and your guests some useful skills. For instance, it could be how to make the perfect cocktail, or how to blend your own whiskey. Typical chef masterclasses available include pizza, tapas or sushi. You could even try cake or chocolate making or go for a pottery or jewellery making tutorial!

2. For relaxation-seekers

This unusual idea is one particularly popular with “the girls”. Why not forget the boozing and unhealthy food associated with most parties and instead, get your nearest and dearest to splash out on a visit to an exclusive, luxurious day spa in honour of your birthday? Contact spas prior to the event to obtain the best quotes, as many offer a group discount. Another unusual, if expensive idea for small groups of women is to take everyone on a personalised shopping experience.

3. More than a meal

Make your birthday dining experience a night your guests won’t forget by choosing something a little unusual to run alongside your meal. You could hire professionals to create a murder mystery dining experience, or you could try the popular, “Dinner in the Dark,” where attendees are blindfolded in a pitch black dining room.

4. Harbour cruise

Ensure your guests talk about your party in the weeks and even years to come by taking them on a high class harbour cruise for your birthday. On board, they’ll enjoy the finest of food, a great selection of hand picked beverages and VIP treatment, as well as of course being captivated by the amazing harbour views. A must!

5. Add some drama

Inject some seductive fun and 1920’s glamour into your birthday celebration by holding it at a high end cabaret or burlesque club. The food is generally good, and the performances even better. If you want a special performance just for your and your guests, consider hiring a well recommended cabaret or burlesque act, to perform at the location of your choice.

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