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Get The Look: Pretty Little Liars

The hit TV show Pretty Little Liars is not only enticing for its ongoing suspenseful mysteries but for each characters impeccable fashion sense. The combination can be quite addicting. I am willing to admit I take styling cues from girls who are meant to represent the high school population. Each one of the four girls has a distinct style that sets them apart from the other. Over the past two seasons; Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have become fashion icons inspiring women of all ages.

Aria Montgomery, played by Lucy Hale, comes off as the typical girl next door until she decides to engage in a romantic relationship with her handsome English teacher, Ezra Fitz. The good girl attitude paired with her rebellious actions makes for a carefree spirit and reflects in her wardrobe options.

  Aria Montgomery’s style is the most creative and unexpected of the group. Her combination of clothing could be described as edgy topped off with feminine details. Mandi Line, the show’s costume designer and mastermind, has been with the cast since day one. She describes Aria’s fashion as “schizophrenia fashion.”

“One day she’s 60’s rocker, then she’s a goth chick, then she’s vintage, then she’s sweet…I’m obsessed with putting her in clothes I can’t wear anymore,” she stated in an interview with the Toronto Sun.

           PLL - Aria

In this outfit we see a variety of Aria`s statement pieces. First, Aria is known for combining darker colours. She is also frequently shown wearing a very feminine dresses, topping it off with a leather jacket will create that rebellious edge. The funky earrings and booties are the perfect mix of accessories to add a touch of sophistication. Aria has a unique style that leaves you wondering what she will wear next.

Spencer Hastings, played by Troian Bellisario, may be the smartest of the girls when it comes to school but her love life constantly revolves around the “bad” boys (even though we all end up falling for Toby as he turns out to be a sweetheart).

Spencer’s style is the most proper of the group opting for cardigans, skinny jeans, knee high socks and flats. She is also keen on mixing in a variety of masculine inspired pieces which keep her outfits looking interesting. Line describes her style as “preppy with a twist.”

“I don’t keep it so conservative, I like to add Urban Outfitters to keep a little boho and softness in her,” Line stated.

    PLL - Spencer

Spencer`s style is preppy with a hint of vintage. The white collared shirt and blue blazer reflect her preference for a polished look while the belt is a clean addition to accentuate her figure. The skinny trousers and flats are a neutral combination that manage to keep her youthful nature in tact.

Emily Fields, played by Shay Mitchell, is the athletic one of the four. Although Emily is usually full of positive energy, she continually faces personal grief when it comes to her love life.

Emily’s style is casual and comfortable. She prefers combat boots and sneakers to heels and colourful denim to dresses. In the ongoing seasons her confidence edges into her style with trendy choices involving various accessories accentuating her laid-back look.

“I have to tone back her femininity sometimes, but she’s coming into her own, she’s comfortable with who she is now…she doesn’t have to wear the polos and the jock look,” Line continued in her interview.     

  Emily's blue/green/turquoise/aqua jeans on PLLx Get The Look: Pretty Little Liars

This trendy choice is quick, easy and yet trendy. By keeping majority of the outfit black, the coloured denim adds a stunning pop of colour. The military boots are a fierce choice for younger women who prefer a touch of tomboy in their mostly feminine look.

Having lost a lot of weight and used to being Alison’s shadow, Hanna Marin, played by Ashley Benson, is ready to be in the spotlight. She has a strong personality with a hint of sarcasm that turns her into a humorous character.

Hanna’s couture is full of ruffles, bright nail colours, blazers and fabulous, high shoes.  Hanna loves being a superior and surely has plenty of girls following in her footsteps when it comes to fashion.

The sheer dress has become a staple this summer as it`s  chic and flirty but not too revealing. When wearing a few layers at a time, Hanna uses a belt to show off her figure. The blazer dresses up the entire piece and makes it a good option for a night out. Hanna`s outfits reflect her vibrant personality and she ends up looking fabulous in everything she wears.

Pretty Little Liars Hanna Marin Full-Length Pink and Orange Dress     PLL - Hanna

Line calls Hanna the “money of the group” as well as the “clique it-girl.”

This fashionable group may be pawns in A’s ongoing twisted game but they are leaders in the world of fashion.

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