Flaunt Those Freckles

Posted by Fiona Tang in Beauty

We often hear those who are blessed with adorable freckles complain about how much they wish they didn’t have them. But life as we know it, doesn’t like to grant us those wishes. So if you have them, why not flaunt them?

Freckles do NOT have to be something to hide,  they symbolize natural beauty. (Not to mention freckles are extremely hot in couture fashion!)

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1. One huge mistake freckle faces do is trying to cover them up with foundation. You all heard it before and I’m going to say it again. Foundation does not do anything good for our skin. Foundation, in fact, can make freckles appear chalky and dry.

Opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. It balances your skin, gives you a perfect glow and allows your freckles to peek perfectly through! For a good tinted moisturizer fit for your skin type, see a beauty consultant or dermatologist.

2. Spice them up. With a light brown lip pencil, you can emphasize those cute freckles on your cheek and nose. Your freckles can give you your own personalized and signature look. Make sure you remember to blend! You don’t want them to look like blackheads.

3. SPF. Freckles usually mean your skin is more vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. So remember to add that daily dose of SPF into your everyday routine!

  • Detective Daschund

    I think freckles are absolutley beautiful! Freckles are just part of who you are!! I’ve always dreamt of having red hair, green eyes and freckles (probably because of the Weasley family from Harry Potter :p) Don’t be ashamed of your’e skin! Be proud of it!!