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The Uniforms of the 2012 Olympic Games

Aside from the chit-chat/anger/controversy about the American Olympic uniforms being made in China, just like everything else in America, there has been very little attention paid towards how nice the 2012 London Olympic Games uniforms actually are. Nations put a lot of effort into the design of the Olympic uniforms. Many countries chosen top fashion designers to come up with a fresh new uniform for the Olympics.

This week in Barcelona, Spain, the USA mens basketball team, aka the NBA All-Star game starting line-up, wore the throwbacks of the 1992 men’s Olympic team in an exhibition game.  The 1992 team is considered the best Olympic basketball team of all-time. It was the informal beginning for a very fashion forward Olympic games.

 Internationally, many nations went all out suiting up for their athletes for London. The Jamaican uniforms were designed by Cedella Marley.

Denmark went with an extremely formal uniform compared to traditional sports appeal. Their athletes will look less like athletes and more like models/business professionals.

Denmark doesn’t touch Italy, which had it’s uniforms designed by none other then Giorgio Armani. Armani however, stuck to traditional sports fashion guidelines in his design.

Australia decided that they would go with the awful theme to inspire their uniforms.

The Netherlands went with Adidas to design their outfits. Adidas stayed classy, formal, professional and clean.

The United States uniforms are a little over the top and inspired by the sea. Yet, they are also a tat bit militaryish looking. Whoever designed these didn’t realize that they would be putting Michael Phelps and Kobe Bryant in them. Can’t wait to see grown up American men in those little hats and white pants.

Finally England’s Stella McCartney designed the English uniform and decided to go with a look that will make athletes look like athletes.

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