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Hannah has graduated from University and has been working as an unpaid intern for two years. The young twenty-something has been supported by her parents her whole life – until now. With no money and no real job, Hannah has to begin her life all over again and figure out a way to live without the help of her parents.

Hannah and her three best friends Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are young, independent women searching for their place in the world. The obstacles they encounter are realistic and can be heartbreaking. In the romance department, Hannah started out with a rocky kind of relationship with Adam, through the first season the relationship is confusing and uncomfortable. In season two, Hannah is single again and doesn’t seem to know what she is looking for.

Style is not Hannah’s strong suit, often choosing unflattering and obnoxious pieces that do not suit their objective. Creator Lena Dunham says this is intentional, that young girls who support themselves don’t always have the proper funds to create the perfectly fitted look. Hannah is childlike in her style, picking a puffy eighties dress for a dinner with family, a bright tomato sweater to work at a law office and a white sundress to work in a coffee shop. Although her taste may be off sometimes, there are good ideas there. Below are some more modernized ways to achieve the same feel.


If the puffy sleeve is for you, make sure the rest of the dress stays close to the body. Too much volume and you’ll look like a balloon. Instead of going for a puffy sleeve, try blinged out epaulettes or unique shapes to make it more modern.

hannah 2

Wearing a whimsical print to work is never a bad idea. The key is to tone down the whimsy with more professional pieces, that way the piece becomes interesting and surprising rather then an eyesore.

hannah 3

When you work with food and coffee, wearing white is just asking for something to be spilled all over you. On Hannah’s first day at her coffee shop job, she decided on a white sundress. She was immediately sent home. For summer time a white dress is perfect, also adding bright accessories will keep the dress interesting and fun.

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