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Brighten Up Your Work Wardrobe!

Office jobs are not very exciting especially if they mainly consist of sitting at a desk, answering the phone and filing. However just because your job is boring, doesn’t mean your outfits have to be. The summer season is all about mixing up shades of colors. Office clothing tends to be associated with blacks, greys and whites when it really shouldn’t be. It’s easy to change your wardrobe from boring to bold with just a few key pieces.

Colored blazers have been extremely popular this past spring and summer. These bright jackets are a must as they make any outfit look stylish yet professional. Even if you decide to keep the rest of your outfit black, opt for a bright blazer to make you stand out rather than blend in.

Coloured BlazersPencil Skirts have always been a staple piece with office attire. They are an alternative to dress pants and add elegance by accentuating your figure. They are also likable for showing enough leg but still keeping it classy. Switch up your look by adding color to a classic piece.

Bright Pencil Skirts

Colored Pants are yet another summer necessity. A shocking number of women don’t own a pair because they fear they can’t pull off the look. Time to change that attitude ladies because the fact is they look amazing on everybody. The great thing about them is the convenience to combine them with any top. Add some stripes for a more casual look or pair them with a blazer and heels for sophisticated appeal.

Bright Pants

Jewelry is a fun accessory that can play up or refine any ensemble. Gold and silver jewelry may be  anyone’s go-to but they are also overdone. Turquoise pieces are back in and they look gorgeous on their own let alone with an outfit. Allow it to be the centre of attention by mixing it with a one tone outfit. If you’re feeling daring try neon jewelry to really bring out your wild side.

Bright Jewelry

If you’ve ever heard that shoes can make or break an outfit than believe it. It’s safe to assume that every girl owns one or multiple pairs of black pumps because they’re easy because go with everything. However constantly wearing those same old shoes makes your outfit appear dull. Next time you’re at the mall choose a brighter version of those heels or wedges to liven up your look.

Summer Shoes

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