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Get The Look of Blair Waldorf From Gossip Girl!

Blair Waldorf, portrayed by Leighton Meester, is one of the central characters in Gossip Girl.

Waldorf, as described in the books, is privileged, vain and an overachiever. Meester, in an interview with Rolling Stone said this about her character:

“Be bitchy and nice, ugly and pretty, young and old, stupid and smart, innocent and slutty, blond and brunette.”

Jason Gay, writer, adds:

“Blair takes pleasure in hazing underclassmen wanna-be’s (her scenes on the school steps with her skirt-weearing acolytes are some of Gossip Girl’s best), but behind the steel is a fragile young woman who covets the things most girls want: attentive parents, a good college and a boyfriend who returns her texts.”

Waldorf’s style comes from early film stars. She is constantly compared to Audrey Hepburn and is said to have the allure of Marilyn Monroe. Her wardrobe is classic and high society with a twist.

She straddles the line between sophisticated and sexy. She loves a pop of colour, usually shown through bright tights and headbands. Though she loves to look composed and professional, there is always something unique and surprising about her outfits.

Blair Waldorf - Look One
This first look shows the classic Blair. Her coat collection is extensive and exquisite. In keeping with the retro look, the princess cut coat is perfect – girly but elegant. Blair loves her designers, by adding a Christian Louboutin clutch, the outfit is instantly moved into high society. The patterned tights and pop of colour in the shoe round out Blairs look.
Blair Waldorf - Look Two
This second look is the more upper east side classic style of Blair. The long pencil skirt, blouse and faux fur jacket give off a professional appearance, while the metallic shine keeps the look youthful. The Mary Jane’s and headband are classic Blair, and help to accessorize the outfit.
Blair Waldorf - Look Three
This last look is a more summery and bright. The pastel shorts and patterned shirt are youthful, while the multiple colours keep the outfit interesting. This combination shows off a different side of Blair’s personality. It reminds the viewers that she is a young woman, despite her longing for adulthood.

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