Why You Should Start Booking Your 2021 Vacation Now

Why You Should Start Booking Your 2021 Vacation Now

2020 may be a bit of a write-off when it comes to traveling, with lots of people finding their plans are in doubt, which is why so many people are instead looking for vacations in 2021. There are many reasons why booking a vacation well in advance makes sense, so if you’re usually a last-minute traveler, here are some reasons to start booking for next year.

You have more time to pay

Many people stick the cost of their vacation on their credit card, but unless you pay it off pretty quickly, you end up with a hefty interest charge. Let’s face it; it’s also pretty depressing to be paying off a vacation once you get home. Book well in advance, and you have more options for paying for your vacation, for example, some travel companies offer layaway plans, so you can spread the cost in installments before you depart. Book for 2021, and you have more time to pay and save up some extra spending money.

You can enjoy the vacation countdown

The build-up to a vacation can be almost as exciting as the trip itself, so although you may not be going away for more than a year, you can start preparing for your travels. You’ll have plenty of time to find travel guides for your destination and plan what you’re going to do, perhaps looking for some attractions that are off the beaten path.

There’s more time to book your extras

A last-minute trip often involves having to rush around booking your vacation extras such as car hire or insurance, which doesn’t give you much choice or time to shop around. Booking in advance means you can use sites such as, where you can compare prices on airport parking, so you save money overall.

You can organize group trips

Trying to book a vacation with a group of friends or extended family can be a nightmare, as many people book their PTO months in advance, and so it’s hard to coordinate. If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip with a group, why not plan it for 2021? Traveling as a group is great because:

  • You’re never short on company
  • People with similar interests can do activities together
  • Accommodation works out cheaper
  • Socializing in the evenings is lots of fun

There’s lots more choice

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a hotel that looks perfect, but finding it’s booked up or doesn’t have the type of room you want. Plan your vacation a year in advance, and you get a much wider choice when you book, from your hotel to your hire car and even the seat you want on the plane. If you’re a fussy traveler, now is the perfect time to book.

While 2021 may seem a long way away, there are advantages to starting your vacation planning now. It means you can plan the vacation of your dreams and can start saving and deciding what you want to do.

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