Time to Lose those Winter Blues!

Got those winter blues? It’s that time of the year again where things may not seem as exciting as they used to be. With the holidays now in the distance and only bigger and colder snowstorms to look forward to – it’s hard to stay motivated around this time about anything.

Well, good news girls, you are not alone! It’s completely normal to feel the way you do, but it’s time to find that remedy. During these times it’s important not to dive any deeper into that endless phase of laziness, tiredness, and just boredom. Here are some tips to keep you on top of your ‘A Game’, so you can strike right out of those winter blues.

TIP 1: Stay Active, Keep Healthy

Whatever happened to that new year’s resolution list? You know, the one you made only a week ago? Old habits die hard, and it is EXTREMELY hard to stay on top goals sometimes. With that being said, pay a little more attention to those resolutions you made. Whether it was being more healthy, being nicer, or just staying fit – it’s time to make it happen. Exercising is healthy, and exercising is good – for YOU! What better way to boost those sad and solemn days than getting fit and looking good? Not only does working out boost positive endorphins into your system putting you into a happier mood, but it also has the best results. Work hard now and say hello to that sexy beach bod for the summer. Don’t have a gym membership? No need to worry. Even workouts at home can get you pumped up, and if you need a little help there are plenty of YouTube Gurus to show you the way, no equipment needed!

TIP 2: Spice Things Up In the Closet!

Although it may seem like an unusual place (because seven minutes in heaven is so 10 years ago), this time it’s all about you. Give yourself a wardrobe makeover. Wear a piece or buy and item you normally wouldn’t wear and step outside your comfort zone. How is fashion and your closet going to help you out of the winter blues? Dressing comfortably and wearing what makes you feel beautiful induces confidence. Confidence is the key to a healthy and positive outlook, which is naturally the best thing to get you going during these hard times.

TIP 3: New Year? Try Something NEW.

Sometimes, the things we least expect can make us happy. Whether that be a person, and event, or an activity we had no idea we loved. And this time around – I’m asking you to take on the challenge. Go out and try something that you have never done before. Whether it be a cooking class, a skydiving excursion, or simply trying to express your feelings in a journal everyday – try it! Figure out what things you haven’t or don’t do, but that you would like to try. Experiencing new activities and gaining knowledge from your surroundings is a fabulous way to gain that happiness you just can’t find. Testing your boundaries and seeing what new and exciting things you’re up for always gets that enthusiasm pumping.

TIP 4: Time to Get Going

Maybe you’re just stuck in a rut. Same places, same people, same routine, equals no excitement for many. What’s the best way to get out of this? Hit that old dusty trail. Travel, learn, and explore! Although travelling around the world would be ideal – of course money is always the issue. No need to stress however, sometimes just getting out of your HOME makes all the difference. Go to a part of your own hometown or city that you have never seen before. Get on a subway, take the bus, just find an adventure that’ll get you excited and out of your usual routine. Change is good my friends, time to give it a chance and step outside the box (or the border)!

TIP 5: Relax, Take it Easy, and Do What You Love

When’s the last time that you’ve done your favourite thing? Take some time to relax and do what you truly love. Hiding in your bed all day with the blinds closed does not count. If you want to relax – take a bubble bath, soak in some Epsom salts, get a mani-pedi, there’s so many ways. At the same time, don’t lose insight of your favourite pastimes. Whether it be baking, snowboarding, or just watching a movie with some your close friends, take the time to appreciate the things that you love most, because at the end of the day, what can really make you happier than doing what you adore?

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