Pulling of the Perfect Valentine’s Day!


Valentines day can be stressful. The pressure of pulling off the perfect gift takes time and planning. At the end of it all you a great day can be too much too handle. Here are few things you can do to pull off the perfect day!

Keep it Personal

Taking the time to make a card, write a love letter, or create a gift is sweet and touching. From baking cookies to a singing a song, your significant other will appreciate the time you’ve put into it. DIY projects allow you to incorporate your love one’s favourite things. Your partner will know that you are always listening.

Day Out

Pack up a picnic and head outside! Enjoy some wine and cheese in a garden while you soak in the sun. A stroll on the boardwalk by the beach; the warmth will instantly put you in a great mood. Or if you are more of a nocturnalist, head out with a telescope and a blanket. Under the starlit sky, is the perfect romantic place for deep conversations and a night to remember.

Night In

For the homebody, a comfortable relaxing night in can be the best thing! Cook up a delicious meal, take care of the chores, chose their favourite movie and sit back and enjoy! Snuggled up in your arms, cozy under the blankets and laughing away is the best way to spend an evening.


There is nothing wrong with pulling all the stops on this day! Book a table at the most expensive restaurant, order a town car, get the most expensive meal. Spoil your significant other, they deserve it!

Have an Adventure

Plan a scavenger hunt for your partner. From the moment they wake up place little clues and gifts in your house, that will lead him/her through a day of surprises and gifts. A day at the spa, or a shopping spree on you. Spoil them in happiness in splendour because that smile you’ll get is priceless.

The Proposal

For those who are going to make this day to proclaim your love, remember this is your chance to really tell your significant how much you love them. Keep it touching and personal or go crazy and hire a flash mob. Anything and everything is what you need! That diamond ring definitely can’t hurt!

At the end of the day just remember to tell them how much you love them in any way you want. Show them how much you appreciate their love and always remember that everyday is Valentines day.

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