Planning a Beach Wedding On A Budget

Getting engaged is the most thrilling experience until it comes to the actual planning. Planning a wedding can be a very stressful and time-consuming process but that should not be a reason not to enjoy it. We are here to help you plan a perfect beach wedding on a budget that you are going to love! All you have to do is pick a spot that inspires the romance and enjoy your big day!
Imagine walking down the aisle barefoot, feeling the warm sand on your feet, wearing a simple wedding dress and a swimsuit underneath; ready for a first married swim as soon as the ceremony finishes! Well, wow! It sure does sound spectacular. If you are planning a beach wedding but you are not sure that you can really afford it – great news! There are several locations where you can organize your celebration on a budget and still have all the luxury of a true beach wedding, so here’s our choice.


Romantic beach wedding near Sydney in wonderful Australia

If you happen to live in Australia, well, you are a lucky gal since you don’t have to travel far to your dream destination for a beach wedding. All you have to do is just look around and pick one of many affordable beach venues and make an amazing wedding party.


A perfect destination for a beach wedding in Australia is by far Manly beach with all its wonderfulness and the magnificent view of the ocean. Situated in the north end, Beachside Dojo might just be the perfect option for all of you wanting an Asian inspired cuisine to share in an intimate (large-scale reception is also welcomed) gathering on the rooftop with a bohemian meet luxurious look. You will certainly fall in love with space and the surroundings – don’t let me get started on the wedding photographs! Just picture the photos of a rooftop dinner party after a beach wedding ceremony illuminated by the pink sky during a sunset. Wow!

Or you can go all hippie and organize a beach party after the ceremony. This option might be the most on the budget solution since most of the things you will need for it, you can improvise. Send invitations with an obligatory swimsuit dress code and make it a fun day at the beach celebration. Opt for a kombi hire for a pop-up party with a versatile bar to impress your guests and dance all night long!

An unique wedding in Negril, in mesmerizing Jamaica

Having a beach wedding on one of the mesmerizing islands of the Caribbean might sound too much for your budget but actually organizing wedding ceremony in Jamaica is truly affordable. A wonderful small town of Negril, located in western Jamaica is a perfect solution for your ceremony without breaking a bank. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to get too, even though it doesn’t have an international airport but you can fly to Montego Bay and take a shuttle to take to the town.


Negril is famous for its Seven Mile Beach, which is one of the longest in the country which makes it a very popular beach wedding destination. What makes this island and this charming little town really affordable is the price rates of the rooms (plus there are many to choose from, whether you want a room in an eclectic beachfront motel, a whole cliff side cottage for yourself or a hippie bungalow) cheap transportation and food.

If you want a more private wedding at the most popular wedding destination you should opt for the Rockhouse Hotel to ensure plenty of attention for you two newlyweds. The Rockhouse Hotel has a one per week limit on weddings with a maximum 20 ceremonies per year which is really great if you want something truly original. It is a bit more expensive but it will still be on a budget since there is no need for additional costs for a honeymoon because, well, you are already in lover’s heaven!

As you see these two wonderful destinations are completely different but you can still have your dream wedding on each of these beaches without breaking a bank and having the time of your life! Don’t let the misinformation fool you, plan the wedding of your dreams and have fun doing it!

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