How to Organize a Perfect Destination Wedding

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It is becoming increasingly common for couples to want to marry at a tropical destination surrounded by their nearest and dearest. However, you’ll want to ensure you remember your big day for all the right reasons.

While you’ll understand the importance of a beautiful venue and the dream dress, there are some essentials you could easily miss off your list when planning a special day overseas. For this reason, you must read the below tips on how to organize a perfect destination wedding.

Learn the Law to Confirm Your Marriage is Legal

Every country will have its own marriage laws. If you want to marry your partner overseas, you must identify if it’s legal for you to get married at your desired destination and if the marriage will be valid in your home country.

For example, France requires a happy couple to reside in the country for a minimum of 40 days before they can legally marry, while there are some nations that have no residency requirements.

Avoid Peak Periods to Increase Your Options

Unless you have your heart set on a July wedding, consider planning your wedding outside of peak periods. Not only will you avoid expensive flights and accommodation, but you’ll have more choice of wedding venues and dates. An airline is also more likely to give newlyweds a flight upgrade during quieter times, too.

Receive the Necessary Travel Vaccines

The last thing you will want is for you, your partner, or loved ones to miss your wedding due to a serious illness. That is why you must ensure you receive the necessary travel vaccines before traveling overseas, and you should encourage your partner, family, and friends to do the same.

Different countries will have different health risks, such as malaria and yellow fever, so don’t take any chances and book an appointment with the London Travel Clinic.

Pick the Perfect Season for a Destination Wedding

While you will want to avoid peak periods, you must ensure you choose the right season to wed your partner. For example, if your dream is to marry your spouse in Mexico, December to April is the best time to do so. However, avoid Hurricane season, which takes place from June to October.

Regardless of the season, you should have a contingency plan in place should the sun turn to rain on your wedding day.

Consider Your Guests’ Budgets

While you might be happy to pay a considerable amount for your big day, your guests might not be able to afford to attend your destination wedding. That’s why it’s important to consider your guests’ financial circumstances before you plan your special day.

It’s believed destination wedding guests spend an average of $673 to attend, so talk to them about your decision to ensure they are comfortable spending such a large amount of money. Otherwise, it could result in your Mom, Dad, or best friend being unable to attend due to limited funds, which could ruin your day.

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