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Are Natural Products Worth It? Only If They Work.

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You may have tried natural products yourself before, thinking that they would be the cure-all for your beauty woes and protect you from the chemical assault that most standard beauty products provide.

You may have also been disappointed by the results you got from natural products. Maybe you used one of those wraps that promise to shrink your body fat and give you a more toned tummy — only to find the same love handles staring back at you. Or maybe you try out a new, natural eye serum that promises to banish wrinkles — only to wake up to the same crow’s feet you know and detest.

Or maybe you haven’t tried natural products yet, but you’ve heard horror stories like these. You may be wondering if natural products are even worth it.

The answer is a qualified yes — if they work. So how do you find out if the products work? Here’s what you need to look for:

Information about Ingredients

The best companies should have information about their product ingredients and how they work. For example, skin care company Dermaclara has a whole page dedicated to answering the question, “How does Dermaclara work?”

You should be able to easily find all the information about the ingredients that are included, as well as what proportion of those ingredients is included. The best companies will offer information on what those ingredients do, but you should always follow up with your own research anyway, just to double check.

Pay special attention to the active ingredient. That is the ingredient that will be most responsible for delivering on the claims the product promises.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients

Any product can claim to be natural since the FDA does not regulate these claims. You need to be vigilant when checking the ingredients list — especially to look for potentially harmful ingredients.

The biggest offenders to look for are parabens and sulfates. However, there are many more toxic ingredients that are often included in beauty products, such as fragrance, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Check out this list for more.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is one of the best ways to determine the efficacy of a product. If the natural beauty product you are considering doesn’t get results, you will learn about it very quickly from disgruntled customers who have registered their complaints in negative reviews.

However, a lack of negative reviews isn’t necessarily an endorsement. Make sure you read the good reviews also. Look for specifics that show the person got real results. Be wary of any results that seem to echo the claims made by the manufacturer, as these are possibly paid reviews.

Product Warranty

Look for products that offer a warranty or money-back guarantee. Companies that offer such a guarantee are certain of the efficacy of their product. Even if they’re wrong, at least you know that you can get your money back.

Natural beauty products have a lot of benefits. Use these tips to find the natural products that actually work, and you’ll be happy to make the switch.

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