How to Have More Confidence With Your Body

Most women struggle with body-confidence issues at some point in their lives. There is no right or wrong in regard to how your body should look, however, and what is more important is a shift of focus for being the happiest and healthiest you can be in your own skin.

Don’t Compare Your Body to Others

This can be very difficult to avoid, but it’s key to finding your own confidence. Everybody is different, and everyone has their own story. There may be a lot more going on behind the scenes of social media pictures or photos you see online, so try to avoid obsessing over the way other people look, or what the so-called ideal body shape may be.

Instead, focus on the positives of your own body and feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you’re going to take inspiration from the bodies of others, then find those with similar shapes and experiences to yours, so that you can find collective inspiration and know you’re not alone.

Concentrate on Having a Healthy Body

With so much focus on how you believe you should look or how you want to look, it’s easy to let focus on overall health slip under the radar. First and foremost, your body should be the healthiest it can be, and confidence will emerge naturally when you feel your most healthy.

If you are struggling with a healthy body, or your health is being affected by conditions such as eating disorders, there is always help available to get back on track and regain your confidence, like with

Wear the Right Clothes

What you wear has a profound effect on your confidence levels. You need to be comfortable in what you’re wearing in order to be more confident. Be sure to experiment with the style and fit of clothes you want to wear. Instead of looking for clothes which are in style or which others are wearing, concentrate only on what makes you feel good and your most comfortable.

Be sure to wear clothes which are the right fit for your body shape, and measure yourself properly. Don’t be affected by numbers or sizes and any stigma attached to that, as sizes differ with every store and every piece of clothing. Simply wear what’s best for you and you’ll feel confident in it.

Focus on Exercise for Enjoyment Rather Than Weight Loss

If you put a lot of pressure on a workout routine being your option for losing weight or finding the body you want, this pressure can lead to resentment or feeling as though exercise is a chore. If your mind is entirely focused on ‘I need to exercise to get the body I want’ this becomes more of a challenge, and in turn will be easier to be self-critical.

Instead, focus on exercise as an enjoyable pastime and as part of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t spend hours at the gym when you don’t want to be there.

Instead, find an exercise you like, whether it’s a fun dance class, an exercise at home with your chosen playlist or taking an enjoyable hike on a sunny day. The resultant enjoyment will have you feeling miles better about your body and health anyway.

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