How To Grab Your Lady Crush

She’s smart, funny, laughs at your jokes and understands you. She also stops your heart with those dazzling eyes. Suddenly, you have feelings for her, and you’re not entirely sure how she feels about you. You wish she knew how you felt, but there’s no way that can happen unless you do something about it. However, it’s difficult to find the words. These are a few things you can do about how to grab your lady crush:

The Drawing Board

It’s essential that you analyze the situation before you attempt to take any action. In most cases, it is up to the man to make the first move. Observe her body language and how she reacts around you as opposed to how she reacts around other guys. If she seems to like you (and is not just a generally friendly person), then this will be much easier for you. You can now take the next step.

Make Yourself Known

She knows you exist, but you have to go a little further than that. Her ability to notice you more will stem from your ability to stand out from your group of friends. Conquer the expectation others have of you, but do not embarrass yourself. Sometimes the person you think you want to be is the biggest jerk that no one likes – least of all yourself.

Through the Field of Friends

Girls usually hang out with girls. If this is the case with your crush, then you will want to be friendly with her friends (though not so friendly as to attract unwanted infatuations). Befriend either the kindest girl or, if you’re feeling particularly lucky, the one whose closest to your crush. Not only can this help you get as much information about your crush as possible, but she can also put in a good word for you.

Make an Impression

A consistently helping hand seldom goes unnoticed. Be kind not only by showering your lady love with compliments (especially when she’s down), but by helping her through tough situations or doing favours (just try not to be taken advantage of). If you find that you cannot help her or that she will not accept your help, perhaps you can ask her for her help. Everyone likes to feel needed. Another way of standing out is by showcasing some of those impressive talents you have. Learn some jokes, too. That’s what will draw people to you. Whatever you can do, use that talent. Do not appear desperate, though.

Get to Know Her

Many great relationships start off as friendships, though getting past the “friendzone” can be difficult and awkward. It is essential to be able to connect with her emotionally, especially in times of need. As her friend, you need to be there to support her. The closer the two of you become, the sooner she will be waiting for you to ask her out. Knowing her on an emotional level will give you an advantage over other men trying to get with her.

Tell Her How You Feel

This is your call to make and you must know when the perfect time to pour you heart out is. Everything is then out in the open and left to chance (with a side of careful consideration). Avoid misunderstandings and grant her the times to process this information.

Following these steps, it should be very likely that she will be won over – but not certain. It also depends on how you handle the steps and whether the two of you are compatible. Best of luck, tiger!

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