Hair Removal Treatment: Which Method Wins?

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When it comes to getting rid of body hair you don’t want you probably already know that the fastest and most convenient way is shaving it at home. However, sometimes the fastest method is not the best or mot effective. There are many other hair removal methods that have been developed by skincare experts over the years. Here is a quick comparison of several of them.

Shaving, Sugaring, and Waxing Away Body Hair

As mentioned above, shaving is not that effective in terms of getting rid of body hair. You can’t expect the hair to take a long time to regrow because it is still right at the point of poking back through to where you can see it. The part of the hair under your top layer of skin is not removed with shaving. With sugaring or waxing more of hidden part of each hair is removed. That’s why it takes longer for hair to come back after such procedures. However, sugaring and waxing are both fairly painful, and sometimes hairs are missed during the process. Those stray hairs need to be removed later by shaving or plucking.

Of course, if you have a professional perform a sugaring or waxing treatment on you in a spa or clinic setting you will get better results. Such professionals are trained in how to be thorough, fast, and as low on pain as possible when removing hairs with those methods. But you still may find that such treatments aren’t something you want to do.

Using Lasers for Longer Lasting Hair Removal

A low-pain method of clinical hair removal is the use of hair removal tools that feature laser beams. You might think that a laser treatment would be painful, but it really isn’t because topical creams can be used to numb or cool your skin during the procedure. The lasers are excellent for treating areas with multiple hairs because they can identify each individual hair in a given area and remove all of them. However, they can also be used to treat single hairs on some occasions.

Using Electrolysis to Get Rid of Hair

Electrolysis is another method by which hair you don’t like can be removed, but it is often considered to be one of the most uncomfortable hair removal methods. It involves electrical pulses, much like a series of shocks you might get from static electricity. The electrical current travels down each hair to the follicle, leading to prolonged and sometimes permanent removal of that hair. Electrolysis is most often used for only a few stubborn hairs. It is not recommended for legs, bikini lines, or other large areas.

Other Options for Removing Hair from Your Body

Of course, there are still other ways to remove body hairs you don’t want as well. You can use tweezers to pluck them or epilators, which are somewhat similar to tweezers only using round discs to grip the hairs. You can also use depilatory creams to damage hair follicles over time, but the creams must be applied carefully and regularly, as directed.

There is no right or wrong way to remove body hair. All of the methods work. It is simply a matter of balancing convenience, budget, comfort level, and how long you want the hair to stay away. Once you decide all of that you can compare methods and use one or more of them to say good-bye to unwanted hair temporarily or, in some cases, for good.

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