Why Gifts (and Party Favors!) Should be Beautiful, Yet Practical

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Spring is here! And that means weddings, bridal showers, and birthday parties are just around the corner. Warmer weather typically means more socializing, more dinner parties and a general desire to liven up our surroundings. During this time, many of us are also on the hunt for gifts. Maybe you need to find the perfect present for the bride-to-be. Or maybe you’re on the hunt for bridesmaids gifts to thank your girls for their support. And don’t forget: Mom deserves something special on Mother’s Day too. It’s moments like this when we realize gift-giving is a real skill.

At Little Orbs, we believe gifts should be beautiful, yet practical. That’s why we offer handmade wine charms, featuring perfect spheres in stunning colors. So many women have told us Little Orbs are truly the perfect gift. Delight your loved ones for years to come with something they can ‘showcase’ in their home and, best of all, use regularly when they entertain friends.

The online marketplace is saturated with wine charms. Do a quick search and you’ll be bombarded with the standard designs: Round hoops (traditionally used for earrings and purchased on Alibaba for dirt cheap) with a few beads strung through them. There. Make six of those and you’ve got a ‘Set’. But at Little Orbs, wine charms are different. They’re not slapped together in minutes at a plant overseas. These are intricately handcrafted spheres, made with a gorgeous collection of high-quality beads. They’re then attached to an oval-shaped, rhinestone hook that’s remarkably DIFFERENT from all the other wine charms out there.

And this is when your gifts and party favors become beautiful, yet practical. When your friends and family see these perfect spheres, they’ll know you clearly put some thought into your tokens of appreciation. They’ll also think of you when they entertain guests with the wine charms you gave them. Whether you’re looking for party favors, bridesmaids gifts or a Mother’s Day treat — consider Little Orbs. Or just think of us when you want a little luxury for yourself. We’re just here to bring some glamour to your already-fabulous life!


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