The Four Friends Everyone Needs

I once read about the concept of “friendship” and how all connections are temporary and that one should not invest into these “friends” that will eventually leave. In other words, this theory is stupid and wrong. It doesn’t matter how long a person may be in your life for… when it comes to human relations, quality will infinitely outweigh quantity. Friendship, for however long or short, is like coming home to your bed after a long day of work. Friendship is putting on your onesie that no one else knows you have and wrapping yourself up in freshly-washed sheets. I encourage you to invest yourself into every friendship that means something to you. Dive into this metaphorical (or real) bed with someone who makes you feel alive and whole. Friendship is the nightlight, the alarm clock and the pillow and love is the sleep.
There are countless beautiful people in this world, and I am lucky enough to be speaking from personal experience as I compile this list. These are four kinds of fabulous friends that everyone deserves to have.

  1. The Pick-Me-Up Pal: Everyone has bad days, and when it gets closer to finals season, those bad days can easily turn into bad weeks. Everyone deserves a friend that will pick them up when they feel lower than their GPA. Gentile words of encouragement can go a long way. Everyone deserves someone who makes them feel invincible, important and WORTHY.
  2. The Partner In Crime: I would like for you to imagine a roaring night in your favourite city. Your highest of heals, and brightest of lipsticks (and strongest of martinis). You can take on the world in this moment and you can’t wait to dance until your feel bleed and are too swollen to fit back into your new shoes. Have no fear, no matter how swollen your toes or how smudged your lipstick is… your partner in crime won’t leave your side. They are your go-to for a night out, and for the emotionally charged intoxicated talks after the club. Your partner in crime is your better half, your Friday night and Saturday morning and you should be so thankful to have someone help you let loose.
  3. The Mom: Whether or not this friend is your biological mother, or someone younger than you… there is no doubting the comforting presence that they hold. They are the chicken-noodle soup when you’re sick and the hug when you’re crying. You deserve to be comforted and coddled and loved.
  4. The Forever Friend: Do you have a pair of jeans you have had forever? Think back to when you first tried them on in the change room of whatever store you graced with your presence. When you first slipped them on did you notice that they didn’t feel like all of the other denim that make your butt look flat (or too fat), or felt like they were two sizes to big (or small)? Did you recognize that things just felt right? Of course you did because you ended up saying “Hey, I look awesome in these jeans so I am going to buy them and wear them whenever I feel like looking fabulous!” That daring denim of yours looks great with anything and most importantly is make you feel great and fits you like a glove. You knew from the second you put those jeans on that you really REALLY liked them and it didn’t matter that they were more expensive than the others because it was worth the investment. You take good care of them and they take good care of you. Do you have a friend you would like to have forever? Invest in them.

I hope you can take this post with a grain of salt. I hope you are lucky enough to meet whatever kind of friend you need but more importantly, I hope you can be a friend for someone. Getting is good, giving is great.

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