How To Create Your Own Outdoor Haven



Garden space is often considered somewhat of a luxury now due to the number of houses being built to accommodate growing towns and cities. Outside space is also a luxury when it comes to city living, but you may be lucky to be able to enjoy a communal area during the summer months. If you do have a space to get outside and soak up the fresh air, crafting a little haven can make this space unique to your property. In the summer, it is ideal to have an area that you can enjoy with family and friends plus a charming spot to entertain on the long summer evenings.

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor areas, then take a look at these tops tips to create the perfect haven.

Incorporate decking or patio areas

If you have space, then incorporating a decked area is a stylish addition to your outdoor living areas. Patios and decking help to zone off entertaining spaces and is a charming place to admire the lawn aspects of your garden. If you are considering decking, this can also be built at different heights to bring interesting levels into your backyard.

Install a water feature

Ponds and water fountains are a beautiful addition to any space and can be introduced into both small and larger backyards. They can be styled to match your garden themes, plus by installing a pond light, this feature will look fabulous both in the day and into the evening.

Create Zones

In your garden, there will be natural zones that you can utilize. Some areas may catch the sunlight first or remain suntraps all day, so are great for enjoying a lounge in the sunshine. Other may lend themselves to natural cover from neighbor’s houses or garden outbuildings so provide shade from direct sunlight. Considering spaces for kids play areas and entertaining will also help to keep everything organized for functional use of the whole garden.

Lighting design

There is a host of options for lighting your outside spaces, and many offer a stylish and subtle way of bringing light into these areas without them overwhelming the garden. Where they are positioned is essential, as you need better visibility around entertaining areas, plus brighter lights over pathways or side entrances. For delicate lighting options, solar-powered atmospheric lights such as fairy lights or lanterns are ideal for creating a chic vibe, and the use of bug repellent candles offers a pretty touch but keep the mozzies at bay.

Create a snug area

You don’t just have to have traditional garden furniture in your backyard, as there is a host of cozy couches and corner style seating options to build a snug area. To wrap up when the sun goes down, you can incorporate snuggly blankets and comfy cushions so everyone can keep warm around the firepit.

It’s super easy to create a little haven in your backyard, and just bringing in some small changes can transform this space for summer.

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