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Charcoal Face Mask Tips & Tricks

charcoal mask

The past few weeks have been filled with countless women testing, and some may say regretting, the popular charcoal peel off face mask.

The purpose of the beauty regimen is to remove blackheads, deep from facial pores. Some are buying premade masks from companies like Origins, while others are mixing the concoction themselves. Those brave enough to create their own mask mix activated charcoal tablets and liquid white glue. Applying to their face with a make-up brush or by hand; avoiding the eyes, hair and some might suggest avoid using one altogether. The instructions say to let the mask dry for 20 minutes.

A plethora of videos have surfaced of beauty goers regretting the act as it becomes very painful and near impossible to remove without losing many layers of skin. From our research, it seems that those who suffer during the peel have not read reviews before, left the mask on longer in the hopes of getting drastic results or have mixed their own potion.

We believe if you use a recognized brand’s mask and do not exceed the dry time you should be safe.

Let us know if you braved the mask.

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