Career Advice – Is A Job in B2B Marketing Right For You?


Whether you are looking for your first job or a considering a change in career, picking a job that suits your personality type, your skills, and your working style is very important to your long-term work satisfaction. Working in marketing can be interesting, challenging, and a lot of fun, especially if you are an outgoing person who enjoys speaking to others.

There are different types of marketing for different types of people. For example, some jobs involve promoting things to consumers, whereas others involve working for companies who provide services and products to other businesses and engaging with the important decision makers at the target companies. The latter kind of marketing takes place in what is known as the business to business or B2B sector.

So, would a job in business to business marketing be something that could be right for you?

What is B2B Marketing and What Are Some of the Typical Responsibilities?

B2B marketing takes a lot of forms depending on the approaches that the company you work for is currently using. Telemarketing is one type, and you may also be involved with email campaigns, including finding out key people’s business email addresses using services like, and other forms of online marketing.

In most cases, a marketer working for a company in the B2B sector will be aiming to build relationships with the people that they speak to or communicate with via email, and their goal will be to first of all convert leads into customers, and then to potentially sell new products and services to their existing customer base.

How is Marketing to Businesses Different to Marketing to the Public?

Marketing to businesses is different in many ways to marketing to consumers. Businesses tend to expect a certain amount of marketing to come their way, so they often put in place gatekeepers to try and screen out marketing calls. This is something that a good B2B marketer will need to overcome, as it will be important to their success that they are able to not only speak to the key managers and decision makers but also be seen as a welcome caller rather than an annoying time sink.

Marketing to businesses is also different because decision makers are choosing the things they buy or use, based on the company’s needs and budget rather than their own.

What Type of Person is Well Suited to This Kind of Work?

The type of traits that make a person well suited to marketing in the business to business environment include good communication skills, an approachable demeanour, good organisational skills, being a fast learner who can understand what the company they are marketing for has in terms of products and services, and being someone who is confident when it comes to closing sales.

If you think that marketing may be something you could do well and enjoy, then why not prepare your CV and start applying for business to business marketing jobs today?

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