6 Style Ideas for Every Season

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Dressing well all year round can sometimes seem like a hard skill to learn. Luckily for you, it isn’t quite as difficult as you may imagine. It’s easy to get baffled with all the trends that come and go season after season, which is why it’s worth learning some style tips that take you through the entire year effortlessly. While the tips below may appear to be small and simple style rules, they can revolutionize the way that you dress daily. Whether you’re planning an evening out, heading to a work meeting or off into the city for Sunday dinner, the below tips have you covered for looking fabulous every time.

Keep your top and bottom balanced

Have you ever noticed that someone’s look can appear uncomfortable when it is all skin tight? Figure-hugging leggings with a tight top and fitted jacket can sometimes just look painful. The same can be said for someone walking into a room wearing loose, wide fitting trousers, a baggy t-shirt and an oversized coat.

The key here is to balance your outfit, where the top and bottom complement each other.

If you’re wearing a loose-fitting shirt, experiment with skinny fit jeans or a fitted midi skirt. If you are wearing boyfriend style relaxed jeans, a fitted roll neck top will complement them perfectly.

Always consider your body shape

Investing in clothing items that work for your body shape is essential for building a capsule wardrobe you are confident with. A great way to understand what items work with your body shape is to first identify your most flattering items.

Generally, high waisted trousers and skirts work well for shorter people, and loud patterns are best avoided for those who want to appear slimmer. Experiment with what makes you feel your best, and have fun trying different fabrics, colours, and prints.

Invest in a timeless scarf

A great accessory to use for various occasions is a classic, timeless scarf. You can use these to upgrade casual outfits, as scarfs provide a layered look. Depending on the colour and material of the scarf, you can also make any laid-back outfit appear dressier and more polished. A cashmere wrap is an excellent choice, as these can be draped over the shoulders to double up as a pashmina or folded neatly to cover the neck area. You can find great examples of these at

When in doubt, wear nude pumps

There are many occasions in life where we just have no idea what shoes to put on. It’s for those occasions where we need a failsafe option – a pair which work no matter where you’re going. Nude, flat ballet pumps are brilliant for this, as not only do they pair well with pretty much every type of outfit imaginable, they also make legs look longer too. Hooray!

Own three key jackets

We’re always going to face unpredictable weather, making the biggest dilemma sit with ‘What coat shall I put on?’. To avoid this, make sure you have three must-have jackets to hand for any occasion. Three ideal ones include a smart tailored blazer, a good quality leather jacket, and a trench coat.

The tailored blazer will cover you for any formal occasions, including work and events, and the leather jacket is ideal for when you are wearing edgier, more fashion-forward looks. On the other hand, the trench coat will stylishly carry you through periods of cold weather and rain.

The layering technique

If you learn how to layer correctly, you can take a plain outfit and jazz it up in an instance. The key items to have which make layering fun and easy are plain t-shirts and fitted tops, camisole tops, waistcoats, slip dresses, kimonos, cardigans, and pashminas. Play around – there are no rules with layering as long as you stick to a maximum of 2-3 items.

Learn to understand the following tips above, and your fashion will stand the test of time.

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