5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Cosy

There’s nothing better than switching off for some well-deserved relaxation in the solitude of your bedroom. Just like a set of fresh bed linen can trigger euphoria and help us sleep better, a cosy bedroom will help you to sink into a tranquil staycation. If you’re looking to get down with the comfort, then you’re in the right place.

Below is a dive into five sure fire ways to make your bedroom feel oh so cosy.

An Atmosphere with Light

When you’re ready to snuggle down and relax, the last thing you want is the sterile white light from the overhead. You can create a hypnotising room with a little help from subtle lamps, or even LED wall trims. Keeping your evening light low will set a calm-inducing tone.

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Keep the Outside World Out

No one wants to be staring at a dull sheet of glass, with the ominous streetlamp glare, when they’re trying to relax. When you draw the curtains at night you want to enter your own little world. If you can, try and avoid wacky curtains and vibrant colours that take away from the rest of the room. If you want to check out some great ideas for cosy bedroom curtains, why not head over to Country Living?

One for the Dark-Lovers

If you’re a fan of blackout curtains to make the night last a little longer, then this one is right up your street. Go the extra mile and paint your walls a deep and relaxing tone to draw even more natural light, being left with the ambient lighting of your choice.

If you find the stars relaxing, you could bring the night sky to you with some simple bedroom adjustments.

A Fort of Pillows and Blankets

Your bed is your sanctuary and it has to be as inviting as possible. Not much in this world beats the sight of a bed piled with plush pillows and laden with layers of blankets. You can never have too many pillows or blankets, and don’t let anyone tell you differently, because this is your room, so you do you.

Save Your Eyes

We spend a lot of time with our heads buried in screens, whether that be a mobile phone, tablet, or TV. If you truly want to switch off from the world, ditch the technology and fill up spaces with books, plants, and personal touches. If you really must know what’s going on in the world then consider a radio to catch up. You will get to sleep easier and with any luck will feel popular when you head back into the world of technology.

Now you’re ready to start making your room as cosy as it is in your fantasies. Embrace your dreams and find your true zen in a truly relaxing space.

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