5 things to know before learning to drive

Learning to drive can be exciting. No matter how old you are when you learn, you’ll gain independence, access to more places and will save lots of time not having to use public transport.

However, learning to drive isn’t easy. Some days will be harder than others. And there are lots of things you need to know before you take the wheel. Here are 5 things to know before learning to drive.


Driving can be dangerous. When you get behind the wheel you become responsible for the safety of yourself and everyone else on the road. So, before you start driving, it’s important to know how to respond if you get into an accident, such as being hit by an uninsured driver in Texas. You will need to know how to move your vehicle to safety, alert drivers of the accident and take the details of any witnesses. Driving safely is incredibly important and having insurance in place is essential – you need to be ready to face the responsibilities of driving before you get behind the wheel.

Road laws

Road laws vary in each state. While some have unusual laws, like not driving while blindfolded in Alabama, others are easier to break if you don’t know them. So, you’ll need to know the road laws in your state and make sure you abide by them. This means sticking to the speed limit, not speaking on a cellphone and driving on the right side of the road. These rules are put in place to keep everyone safe, so you’ll need to stick to them to pass your test.

Vehicle maintenance

A huge part of driving is understanding your vehicle and knowing how to maintain it. This means regularly filling it up with fuel and keeping it clean. But it’s more than just that. You’ll need to know how to test your brakes and feel if something isn’t working properly. Understanding how to maintain your vehicle means that you’ll be driving more safely and won’t put others at risk if you break down. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run if you don’t need to pay for urgent repairs.


While lots of distractions are against the law, others rely on common sense. For example, plenty of people like listening to the radio or a podcast while driving, as this keeps them entertained on a long journey. However, fiddling with a radio could distract you while driving, so it’s important to apply common sense. Before you start driving, try to be aware of what could be an issue with distraction when driving, like your phone, and keep it out of arms reach.

Driving instructors

So, you’re ready to start driving? Great. Now’s the time to find the right instructor. You’ll find that there will be plenty of choice, so you’ll need to ask around and find a quote or two. The best driving instructors will be calm, informative and patient – and you’ll feel completely safe.

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