29 Things To Do During The Summer


Summer is a great moment of respite from college and university and all, but let’s face it – sometimes you’re going to get a little bored. So, before lazing around watching repeats of “Friends”, consider this offer: there are so many awesome things specifically for the summer time! In fact, there are 29 things to do during the summer when you’re bored.

1 – Go Camping

This list will start off with some pretty obvious things to do in the summer, but stay tuned! This list may also have some things you haven’t considered yet. Camping is great for some and an absolute dread for others. If you’re not very experienced with camping, then you may want to go to a close-quarter campground where utilities are stone’s throw away. This is something you would want to look into, so research your locations. If you are an avid camper, then you probably already have a location in mind. More importantly, pick a decent location that isn’t too far from water (in the heat, this would be ideal). Camping is great because it gives you a change of scenery that you can enjoy with friends, so go be a happy camper!

2 – Have a Beach Day

The beach is the symbol of summer and if you have a beach by your house, there’s no doubt that you thought about going. Maybe you want to bring a few friends and a volleyball, maybe you wanted to fly solo and work on your tan. The possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever you do, try doing it at the beach – and don’t forget the sunscreen!

3 – Ride On!

Amusement parks are also what summer is all about. They also tend to be busy around this time of year, so you have to keep that in mind as well. You may have to wait for hours in the gruelling sun before getting on a ride, but the whole thing may be worth it when you’re finally coasting up that first monster of a hill. Something I usually do is go when it is supposed to rain for a short period of time. This deters others from going and you have short lines. However, this also runs the risk of closing down a few rides and you being caught in a light drizzle (unless you don’t mind a little rain). So go conquer those coasters!

4 – Pool Party

Everyone likes that guy/girl with the pool, and if they’re willing to let you, take advantage of that pool. Grab some mutual friends and make a day of it (as long as the person with the pool is cool with it and in on it). Bring some food, music, a few drinks maybe, and keep it going til the night. Supersoakers, beachballs, and other pool toys may also be a lot of fun.

5 – Deck Party

No pool? No problem! Make a deck or backyard party instead. You can have just as much fun sans water if you’ve got the right buddies, music, food/beverages, and most importantly: the right attitude. Beer pong, sparklers, a digital camera – make it a hard-to-forget night.

6 – Cottage Living

If you like the idea of a change of scenery but loathe the idea of a tent, then a trip to a cottage may be for you. If neither you nor anyone else you know owns a cottage, you and your friends may find it useful to pool together some money to rent one for the week. There are a lot of near-water locations you can look up. Hell, have a bonfire or go to the beach while you’re there.

7 – Take it to the Park

There are so many great local parks that you can relax at. Bring your significant other for a picnic, bring your dog and play some fetch, grab your best friend to enjoy some ice cream, bring a book and be all by your lonesome – there are so many things to do on a nice sunny day in the grass. Perhaps you can visit some trails that you’ve never taken before, read some historical plaques and learn a little something new about your city’s history, or just kick back on a bench and take in the beauty of the atmosphere.

8 – Get to the Concert!

Did you just hear that your favourite band came to town? Maybe you have a friend that enjoys this group as well. Get the tickets before it’s too late, book a place to eat at before heading to the hall and rock yourself out until you can hardly stand! No outstanding musical acts going on? Maybe a comedian, a performance group, or a play is happening – these are open for consideration also! Go forth and be entertained.

9 – Movie Marathon

Maybe something has recently reminded you of your favourite series of movies, or maybe there’s a series you’ve been meaning to see. This can be done with a few friends (who may provide some interesting commentary throughout the flick) or can be done when all of your friends are busy. Go to your corner store and grab some snacks and drinks, crack open your DVDs, then sit back to enjoy your own personal home theater. If you want to see something a little more recent, then hit up your local theater. Having trouble deciding what to watch? Don’t forget to check out: “Great Movies We Should All See”

10 – Take a Day in the City

Do you get to the city very often? If not, then maybe it’s time that you planned a day there. Grab some of your friends who’ve also been meaning to get out as well. Shopping opportunities tend to be much better in the big city, so go forth and splurge. Low on cash or just plain not interested in spending? Take a tour of your city and learn about the place. This is also a chance to hit some spots you’ve never thought about visiting before. Have lunch or dinner on the balcony, see older architecture – the can be a great place.

11 – Take a Hike!

There are so many nice forest trails near you left unexplored. Bring out your curious and adventurous side and go look at these places. It’s good exercise, good to bring a few friends along with you, and absolutely great to behold nature’s scenery unfolding all around you.

12 – Barbecue Hangout

Whether it’s a neighbourhood affair or just another dinner get-together with a handful of friends, the barbecue is a social calling. The scents of the delicious meals it brings wafts through the air, the promising hiss in its embers fills you with anticipation, and the “Kiss the Cook” apron make you smile every time. What are you waiting for? Go out and meet some neighbours or reconnect with your friends.

13 – Try Your Luck

Are you feeling lucky? Well, maybe it’s time for you to hit up a casino and work the slots (or, if you’re a little more daring, a card game). While you’re working those tables James Bond style, remember to gamble responsibly. If that’s not quite your style, then go try the horse track and bet on a race. The spectacle is a lot more interesting if you’ve got a bit of coin riding on it.

14 – Become More Cultured

Museums and art galleries are boring, right? Wrong! Museums have all sorts of attractions and things to look at, you may be so caught up in all the awesomeness that you won’t even realize you’re learning new crap. Art galleries might initially turn you off because you feel that you don’t “get” art. Take it from a former art student in high school, you don’t need to get it to enjoy it, you just need to appreciate it and let it get you (hell, I didn’t even get art half the time). SO go and unravel the secrets of other cultures and history.

15 – Feeling Sporty?

Have a little sports tournament amongst friends whether it’s seeing who is the best at tennis, who can dunk better in basketball, or maybe even something as simple as racing. If your friends don’t exactly share your love of athletics , check local events to see if there are any sports tournaments on the community calendar and your friends can support you there.

16 – Are You Game?

Not feeling sporty? That’s quite alright, flex your digits and challenge your gamer friends to a videogame tournament. Single or team death match in Halo? Go for it! Strutting your stuff on Just Dance? You’re on! This is something fun to do while it rains or if it’s just too hot to do anything else.

17 – Take up a New Hobby

Maybe the reason you’re bored is because you’re due for a new hobby. As fun old hobbies can be, you may have grown out of them or have done them to the point of exhaustion. It’s time to take up something new. Try learning how to play an instrumental or try your hand at painting. Those are only a few examples, there’s a world of possibilities.

18 – Go Loco for Local

If you’re at a loss for interesting things to do, you can always find something that might interest you. Even the most boring communities can have fireworks, a fair, or festival of some kind.

19 – Summer Working

Chances are, a lot of your friends are going to be working this summer, so why don’t you also get a job if you don’t have one already? Getting a job is a very difficult thing to do in today’s economy. But if you can manage it, not only will it keep you busy, it will give you some extra spending money and an opportunity to meet new people.

20 – Summer Reads

School takes a lot out of your recreational reading time. Recently, people have been catching up on their reading during the summer more than any other season of the year. Picture it: sitting lakeside at the cottage, lounging in beach – it’s all great. This is something you can do if your friends are missing in action. Don’t know what to read? Check out “Great Summer Reads”.

21 – Play Some Mind Games

If dedicating yourself to a novel’s plot seems bland and you want something to fiddle with in short amounts of time, consider some brain teasers. Games like crosswords (which are easily accessible in the local newspaper) and Sudoku are great not only for wasting time, but for keeping your intellect sharp.

22 – Do Some Writing

A lot of people are fighting their boredom as well as tuning into their creative side by writing. Novels, screenplays, short stories, anything of fictional value. Even if you don’t feel very creative, a diary can keep you occupied. Either or, the hours fly by when you keep your pen to the paper, take it from people who know.

23 – Tend to your Garden

Got a green thumb you’ve been meaning to try out? Summer’s perfect for weeding out your garden and designing it the way you want to. If you’re not afraid to get down and a little dirty and you have a nurturing personality, gardening may just be your calling. It’s the perfect summer hobby to take up.

24 – Renovation Nation

You know that house project you kept putting off because you didn’t feel like driving out in the snow to get supplies in the middle anything else to do, you finally have the time to get that done. It may be a chore or you may actually find yourself having a bit of fun doing it. When it’s finally done, you can kick back feeling accomplished.

25 – A New You

Like New Years, people tend to come up with resolutions for their summer break (“Man, I’m gonna work out more” or “I should actually do some reading this summer”). My recommendations for this summer that were not aforementioned are to meet new people and try new things. Is there something you’ve been meaning to try but never did because your friends weren’t fans of it? Try it out, you may meet people who share this interest.

26 – Pump Some Iron

Working out can feel great (or terrible) sometimes, but it can also help to chase away your boredom. Some days may be too hot and muggy to go out for a jog, but if you have the equipment, you can always do it in the comfort of your own home. If not, there’s always a gym you can join if you have the dedication for it.

27 – It’s Always Better Where It’s Wetter

Take it from me, swimming is the thing you want to do in all of this heat. You don’t have to find the nicest beach (but you can damn well try), or own the picture-perfect pool – all you need is an appropriate body of water (like the public pool or a pond). But please, be safe and have a lifeguard on duty.

28 – Hit the Road

That’s right, no young life is ever complete without partaking the adventure of blazing across the open road. Grab your best friend and daringly face the world “Thelma & Louise” style (without the awkward hurtling off a cliff to your own death part) or conjure up a band of buddies. Don’t forget your camera! After all, reviewing the pictures afterwards is half the fun of the trip. If you are preparing to venture out somewhere, consider reading: “Prepping For a Big Trip”.

29 – Have a Lazy Day

I know this sounds kind of ridiculous for when you’re bored, but it’s a great opportunity to relax if you have been a bit busy lately. Just because it’s summer, that doesn’t mean you absolutely HAVE to do something amazing every day. Besides, this day could be dedicated to catching up on episodes of a show you’ve been meaning to see or cleaning up your house a bit. This is your time to spend how you would like.

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