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“Wild As A Teen”

Right before exam week, news of my grandparent passing away struck my household hard, especially with my dad. Immediately, my parents and younger sibling flew to another continent to make the funeral arrangements. I stayed at home because I was adamant on not missing my exams.

When I wasn’t sleeping over and getting looked after by my relatives at my cousins’, I was at home studying, relaxing and…partying. One night, I had a slumber party with some girlfriends. We stayed up late watching a movie and catching up on life. On another day, I had a potluck party with a girlfriend and a couple of guy friends. We ate delicious food, watched a movie, played a board game, failed at heating up lasagna and dressed the guys up in my clothes! I also went out for dinner and to a jazz club with my cousins downtown at night. In between all those activities, I went to the local mall whenever I felt like.

I know doing all these things while my family was out mourning for my grandparent was wrong, but had this opportunity never come, I never would’ve been able to experience such freedom. I didn’t have to tell anyone where I was going or when I was going to return and I certainly didn’t have to deal with overprotective parents. I’m glad I was able to know how being wild as a teen felt, despite my events being pretty small-scale, because I may not experience it again.

– Anonymous

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