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The Best YouTube Beauty Gurus

Over the past few years, YouTube has grown tremendously as the new centre for beauty tips and advice. Although there are traditional mediums such as fashion magazines, YouTube videos have become a more personable and interactive way for young women to get in touch with their feminine side. Here are five of the most popular and talented YouTube guru channels that are leading the new beauty frontier!

1.       MichellePhan

Name: Michelle Phan

Subscribers: Nearly 2 million

Active Since: July 2006



Michelle Phan is the current number one subscribed beauty guru on YouTube for a reason. The 25-year old has an extensive knowledge and love for makeup and is able to use them in the most creative ways. Her channel includes tutorials on unique looks (her two top viewed videos are Lady Gaga inspired tutorials), DIY’s, collaborations with other beauty and fashion specialists and even romantic short films. She’s also ventured outside of YouTube as Lancome’s official video makeup artist and found success with her own beauty line, IQQU and her jewelry line, Ever Eden.

Trademark: Her professional-looking videos that always end off with a ‘good luck’ in an elegant voice.

Find her at: and


2.      Bubzbeauty

Name: Lindy Tsang

Subscribers: 1 million

Active Since: August 2007







Bubzbeauty shows her viewers many different kinds of looks and tutorials, including the most unique nail designs that cannot be found elsewhere. Her videos showcase her friendly and warm character, making her seem not like a celebrity or stranger but a girl-next-door (who happens to have an extensive knowledge of beauty, hair and fashion). Not only is she a pro at makeup looks but she is known to be quite a talented artist, as shown through a few of her videos, with a hilarious but somewhat strange sense of humour, as shown in her comedy channel Bubbiosity.

Trademark: Her cute and bubbly personality with an Irish accent.

You can find her at: and


3.      JuicyStar07

Name: Blair Fowler

Subscribers: 1 million

Active Since: July 2008







JuicyStar07 may still be a teenager but she has a huge following on YouTube for her expertise on the best products, both high-end and drugstore brands. She began making videos on YouTube after her sister Elle (see below) discovered the world of beauty blogging. Her videos include monthly favourites (eg. February Favorites include her favourite products used in that month), shopping hauls from stores like Forever21 and Nordstrom, and of course tips and how-to’s on cosmetics. She is known for her collaborations with Elle.

Trademark: Her enthusiastic way of speaking coupled with her long videos which often exceed over ten minutes.

Find her at: and


4.      AllThatGlitters21

Name: Elle Fowler

Subscribers: over 700 000

Active Since: July 2008







The woman behind AllThatGlitters21 is the older of the Fowler sisters and does not fall short on the quality and content of her videos. She gives her viewers an inside look into her makeup and perfume collections, beauty hauls on brands such as Sephora and useful styling tips. Elle is definitely the go-to girl if you want to learn from a sweet and friendly guru! She and Blair have since expanded from cosmetics with their debut novel Beneath the Glitter and their line Glitzy Glam, which include personalized items on nearly anything, from accessories to school supplies.

Trademark: Her feminine style on her fashion, beauty products and even room décor.

Find her at and


5.      AndreasChoice

Name: Andrea D. Brooks

Subscribers: over 700 000

Active Since: March 2008





Each video of hers rakes in hundreds of thousands of views because of her useful tips on beauty, especially for hair. Her true personality really shines in her videos and when she talks to the camera she seems like she is simply teaching a friend who is right in front of her. Rather than having HD videos with fancy captions, the quality of her videos come from her content and humorous character. She is also known for her popular 3-part series on Katy Perry’s E.T music video look and has received praise from many popular fashion blogs.

Trademark: Her thick lips and big, beautiful hair (whether it’s curly or straight)!

Find her at and

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