Sephora Says GoodBye to Tokidoki

Posted by Fiona Tang in Beauty

Tokidoki has been an extreme success for Sephora and their 2 year collaboration. However, the time is up as the brand will be discontinued.

tokidoki sephora Sephora Says GoodBye to Tokidoki

The adorable line is currently on sale with almost everything discounted around the 40% off mark! Even if you are not a fan of their makeup, investing in one of these adorable items just to add to your collection will be well worth it!

Liquid eyeliner for 9$, eye shadow palette starting at 6$ (try the pigmented and affordable Arte Palette – Vegas), mascara for 10$ and much more.

 Sephora Says GoodBye to Tokidoki

You’ll be getting a great deal on these adorable items.  Check them out right now! Hurry before they disappear for good!