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Get The Look Of Professional Makeup – For Less!

Wearing makeup is part of everyday life for most women. We love the way it makes us appear more confident. Wearing cosmetics can be revealing your mood, position in life and status! It’s just as important as wearing the right outfit.

In the professional work realm, wearing makeup is looked at as a positive attribute to a woman’s appearance. As long as you keep your make-up to a minimum and focus on looking neat, your routine may make you seem more competent! There are many fields where wearing cosmetics is a plus. The hospitality industry (Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants), the travel industry (Airlines & Travel Agencies), entertainment (Broadcasting), financial industry (Banking, Mortgages) and even real estate. Maintaining a pleasant presence is a must for many of careers in North American society.

This being said, buying cosmetics can be expensive. The affordable drugstore varieties may not be true to your natural skin tone and can make you look patchy or washed out. The department stores have quality cosmetics but their price can be hard to achieve, especially if you are on a student’s budget.

There are many excellent alternatives that are not advertised widely but are very good with what they’re made for….helping you look and feel fresh, alert and ready to face the world.

Benefit Cosmetics have great bronzers and come in cute, quirky packaging.

Vasanti Cosmetics, they have a great selection for women of colour.

If you know a representative, Avon is affordable and has been trusted by women for over 100 years!

The best place to start is with your foundation (concealer, liquid, or powder) then, build on that with simple eyeliner and mascara, and finish with a natural lipstick.  The truth is your first impression is one that will last throughout your career. So, make sure you put your best face forward!

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