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Good Mascara On A Budget

A good mascara is one of those beauty products that you could easily save money on. So to help you with that, we have gathered the best drugstore mascaras that can satisfy your eyelashes as well as your wallet.

L’oreal Volumious Million Lashes is definitely worth all the rave. At a low price of $9, this mascara will give you those long and thick lashes you dream of. The creamy formula also allows a precise and smooth application, and prevents flaking from happening.

 Maybelline Intense XXL length + volume  is a 2-step mascara that allows you to prime before you shine. This duo-ended product will give you the length and volume it promises for the average price of about $6.50! Not only will you thank this product, but your wallet will too!

Covergirl’s LashBlast will blast your lashes! The large and flexible bristles allows each and every lash to max out leaving you with beautiful and thick lashes. Found at a fantastic price of about $7, this smudge-free and volume enhancing formula, will help you achieve those thick lashes in a few quick and easy strokes.

Another Maybelline favourite, the Colossal volum’ express mascara does the job at a great price. Starting at a low price of $6.50, this mascara will also hold those curls all while staying smudge-free. Among applying this mascara, you’ll have lashes that will instantly intensify your eyes all night long. 

Last but not least, another one of Maybelline’s volum’ express mascara: One by One. This drugstore mascara is not only super affordable ($6.50) but also gives off the impression of lovely curvy lashes. With a large and flexible bristle, this product will separate your lashes and give them the volume it deserves!

There you have it. Good Mascaras on a budget!

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