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“First Impressions”

I had never met my boyfriends parents and have been wanting to for the past two years. Because they lived in a different city then where we go to school, it was difficult to find the time. On a long weekend my boy and I went to visit for the weekend. They seemed very nice and welcoming and I felt comfortable there. In the morning my boy decided to go fishing with his dad to have some bonding time together. His mom and sister left for work, so I was left alone in the house for a couple hours. As soon as the doors shut I started to cook up a storm, the biggest world record-breaking breakfast. I blasted Taylor Swift and started singing along to the lyrics. When there was a pause between the switching of songs I heard clapping and whistling. His mom and sister came home to pick up something they forgot. I don’t think I am going to be asking my boyfriend to spend time with his family again anytime soon.


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