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What’s Trending? Paisley Cigarette Pants!

These incredible paisley cigarette pants, from Topshop, are the perfect print to add to your summer wardrobe.

Paisley is of Persian and Indian origins. The print has been associated with Hinduism and has been used in Persia since the Sassanid Dynasty (Ad 224 – 651). In it’s early origins it was used to decorate royal regalia and crowns. In the 17th Century the print was shipped to the Europe. The print has become associated with the psychedelic, hippie style.

These pants show that the print can also be used in high fashion. The cigarette pants also allow the print to be used in more professional environments. They can also transition easily into night. All you have to do is change-up your accessories.

Since the print is so bold, it is better to keep the shirt and accessories simple. Although playing with colour is always allowed. Since the pants have different colours throughout, you can mirror those in the other parts of the outfit.

For day, I have chosen a simple but bright blouse. This keeps the outfit professional, while still adding a punch of colour. For night, the sheer shirt kicks adds drama. For both day and night, I have used the accessories to add in the other colours in the piece. This ties everything together but doesn’t go overboard.

Paisley Pants

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