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Get The Look of ‘Hart of Dixie’s’ Zoe Hart!

Rachel Bilson’s hit CW show, Hart of Dixie, portrays her as Dr. Zoe Hart, a New York surgeon who dreams of following in her fathers footsteps but instead winds up in a small Southern town where she can’t fit in no matter how hard she tries. Majority of the humourous drama comes from her persistence to gain acceptance as well as new patients. She is also stuck in an ongoing love triangle with two great but very different men.
A main reason  she can’t seem to fit in isn’t just due to her missing accent and different lifestyle but because of her trendy and always stylish wardrobe. Zoe Hart is constantly being criticized for her short shorts and her unfeminine demeanor but in our opinion her outfits are one of the best aspects of the show! Her style is consistent throughout the season as very feminine, modern and chic. Here are just a few of many adorable outfits Zoe Hart has worn.
This first outfit was seen on the Pilot episode and immediately established her as a fashion icon. The look is one of her more casual choices with a striped shirt, and baggy rolled up trousers. However pairing it up with a suede jacket and leather wedges instantly dresses it up.
Zoe Hart wears colour in moderation and this look exemplifies that perfectly. The beautiful striped silk blouse looks very professional as it’s tucked into the black scalloped shorts. Having her hair pinned into a low side bun presents a fun edge to the overall presentation. The small yet beautiful handbag is a great addition to her working girl image and although we can’t see her shoes, we are positive they’re high pumps of somesort, her usual go to.
Here is another ensemble that is versatile for either work or a casual day out. The red blouse is a bold colour that stands out against the rest of the neutral colors. Paired with white patterned shorts and a black blazer makes another fabulous combination.
This last outfit of Zoe Hart’s is a formal, business look with darker hues. There are several pieces in her outfit that take it from basic to trendy. Her grey top may be very simple but put together with the black dress shorts and biker jacket instantly polishes the entire look. She is also wearing a very thin silver necklace and dressy pumps with silver detailing.
Each one of her outfits resemble her desire to look youthful and trendy but also maintain her sophisticated image. The second season of Hart of Dixie returns to the CW on October 2nd at 8pm.

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