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What’s Trending? Color Blocking!

Color blocking was a huge trend this summer and will be even bigger this fall. It’s a super easy trend to pull off and for sure a very stylish way to spice up you wardrobe. So get ready to learn some quick style steps on how to Rock the Block!!

One of my favorite ways to Rock the Block is by wearing clothes that are already color blocked.  Lets start with a with a blouse.  Typically you are working with three or more colors.  The styling steps you can take are neutral colors or similar colors.. Below I paired this longer color block blouse with some black leggings and a low-rise black booty.  A bootie is a perfect way to incorporate a fall trends into your summer wardrobe. You can also wear regular jeans and include a pop of color with your shoes.

Another way you can style color block pieces is by matching one of the colors in the garment.  The blouse could have been paired with red slacks and a nude pump.  Below I used this color block pleated skirt and matched it with a black blazer.  Then went a little playful with a similar hued patterned shoe.  The great thing about fashion is there is never really a right or wrong.  Experiment a little!

I styled a color block dress using some same steps from above. Paired it with shoes that are a neutral color or one of the colors in the garment.  Your color block should be the focus of your outfit, and  it’s not a good idea to incorporate too many extra colors.  The dress below is simple, but stylishly paired with a black cuff and black leather peep toes.  This is how you Rock the Block for your night out!

Think about Rocking the Block with your shoes!  Pair a great pair of jeans and a cute tank with some hot color block shoes and it instantly adds a pop to your outfit.  It’s stylish way to re-invent a classic look. A super easy way to pull off this trend. I coordinated a belt for this look, you can subtly incorporate the colors from the shoes or use neutral tones to complete the outfit.

Create your own color block!  To successfully create your own outfit you should think in threes.  Combine any three colors together and it will make a very trendy outfit.  The colors should be solid, not patterns.  Colored jeans are super on trend for fall and great way to start your outfit.  Instead of trying to match a top to the denim color go for a totally different color top.  Below I’ve matched a purple jeans with a peach silk top. Secretly, we all have that pair of shoes that we just loved and had to have, but never have anything to match it with.  See how easy this is becoming, wear those shoes when you Rock the Block!! Always think of new ways to play with fashion.  This trend is so bright, colorful, a definite way to cheer you up and all of your onlookers!

So now that you have the basic style steps to color blocking, are you feeling confident enough to try it?  Confidence is our secret weapon when it comes to style.  Be adventurous and playful with your fashion.  Always stay true to yourself and make your personality shine by adding your unique twist.  Trust me, Rock the Block and you will be a stylish success!

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    August 21, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    I love the color block look and will definitely try it this fall! Thanks for the excellent tips!

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