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What’s Trending? Beautiful Baroque!

What’s the Big Baroque Deal?

Political Party aside, we all love great fashion!  Last night at the DNC, First Lady Michelle Obama was right on trend and looked flawless in a  pink Tracy Reese Baroque dress!

Most of us are not so lucky to have our own personal designers to custom make fashion for us. But you do have a pretty good stylist to give you some fashion tips to keep you on trend, me!

A little historical background on baroque, it was an art style made popular in the 17th-mid 18th century.  It had an intense focus on details, ornamentation and severe drama.  Leading it to be the art form of choice by the Catholic Church.  Baroque has demanded the respect of our generation through amazing fashion pieces.  We now embrace it as one of the hottest trends this fall!

Amazing bold prints, elegant style and drama is the effect baroque will have on your sence of style.  These dresses stand alone as fashion statements.  When styling them keep it natural and classic.  One fabulous black stiletto and clutch is all that is needed to complete the look.  Your jewelry should not out shine the dress.  I would pick one piece to wear, like a dainty pair of earrings or a pretty ring.  This trend is meant to be over powering so you have to let the clothes speak for themselves!

Awesome baroque patterns that are dominating the fashion scene, could already be a part of your wardrobe.  Skirts, shorts, leggings and our favorite denim all give us reason to be daring with our own wardrobes!  Styled perfectly would be to wear a simple nude, black or white top.  It would be absolutely beautiful to do a colored blazer to give the look the severeness this trend represents.  Keep the shoes stylish but you don’t want to go too bright. Again the beautiful baroque is our main focus and add ons should be done clever enough to make it true.

Intensify a denim day with a baroque inspired top.  Spice up a slack day with a baroque top or add some style to a pencil skirt with a baroque top! Keep the bottoms long, lean and lady like.  Feel free to add some color with a tasteful shoe.  You want to keep the richness of the trend so I wouldn’t do any pattern mixing.  I would add some definition by incorporating a single toned shoe maybe in a different shade.  Try a sleek pulled back bun or ponytail with a sharp lipstick shade.  Your goal is to look chic and elegant in this beautiful trend!

Still not sure of this trend, then baby steps into it with some baroque themed accessories.  An instant way to polish your outfit is with an amazing finishing touch.  If you love the baroque trend then by all means look for it when you accessorize, buy and incorporate it into all of the other trends you are keeping up with.  A classic black dress accented with either this scarf, clutch, or flirty flat is a perfect way to showcase the baroque trend.  But, as a stylist I still think you should try one of everything!!

Happy Trending!!

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