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Deep Within the Trench

Although Winter may be approaching very soon, we still have a few weeks left to flaunt those oh-so-fabulous Autumn pieces still left untouched in our closets. And what says “fall-fashion” more than the classic trench coat?

Thanks to Burberry, this iconic trench coat is one of the most coveted signature pieces in every fashionista’s closet. (Or wish list!) Above is the beautiful Emma Watson posing in the classic beiege trench coat that made its successful debut in 1901 by Thomas Burberry.

Aside from Emma Watson, here’s a few other familiar faces spotted sporting a trench.

There must be a reason why almost every celebrity has been spotted in a trench coat.

 The versatility these coats give to any women is what makes this piece of clothing so appealing and so timeless. Either formally tied and buckled up or casually left open while going out for a quick errand, these military-inspired trench coats are open to whichever way you and designers decide to style them.


 Each spring-to-fall season brings a new delight to the classic trench coat. With new shapes, cuts and interpretations of this timeless piece, you’ll never get bored of them either.

So don’t you worry, you’ll forever be fashion-forward.

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