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What’s Trending? Oversized Watches

Oversized watches have become the “it” accessory.  They are not only practical and one heck of a good investment, but they’re totally in trend (have been for a while actually) and can definitely add some flavour to your outfit! Consider these oversized watches a necessity. 

These chunky-chic accessories are perfect for any occasion. From a casual dinner, shopping spree or business meeting, oversized watches are perfect for those sophisticated, trendy, busy and fun ladies out there.

Worn properly, oversized watches are exceptional pieces that can add the perfect touch of masculine-edge to almost every girly outfit.

The best part is, it isn’t necessary to head over to the women’s section at your local watch boutique. Since oversized watches are inspired by men’s fashion, why not give the men’s section a shot! Or even better, try your dad’s, boyfriends, grandfather or brother’s closet. (You never know what vintage goody you’ll find!)


Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, touches up her makeup while flaunting her rose gold oversized watch.

The always fashionable Victoria Beckham hides her face from the paparazzi with a cute hat, pair of shades and of course that gold oversized watch.


Michael Kors is much known for there wide collection of beautiful oversized watches:

If you don’t have one yet, we highly suggest you get one of these oversized watches before time runs out!

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