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Beauty Battle: OPI vs. Essie

To all you nail polish fanatics, one question remains…

OPI vs. Essie? 

Let’s break this down into smaller categories:

  • Easiest Application
  • Life Span
  • Colour Selection
  • Price
  • Base/Top coat

 Easiest Application: WINNER –OPI 

Because of the larger brush, OPI   wins in this category. A larger brush means faster and easier application.

Life span: WINNER – Essie

Compared to OPI, Essie nail polish tends to have a longer life span. The Essie formula lasts longer and doesn’t chip as soon.

Colour selection: WINNER – Tie

Its impossible to choose a winner here. OPI is known for there bold and classic colours while Essie comes out with fantastic sheers, neutrals and pastels. Like everything in life, each line will come out with colours that are both loved and hated. You can’t please everyone!


Generally, OPI is cheaper (by a dollar within most drugstores). Personally, I also find that OPI goes on sale more than Essie does. But with that said, keep in mind OPI branches out into their more affordable line Nicole by OPI. 

Base/top coat: WINNER – Essie

Essie has a wide range of base and top coats. From ones that focus on hydration to one’s that help your nails grow, Essie offers all there is to about nail health.

At the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference. OPI and Essie are both wonderful nail polish that offer salon quality products and a wide range of unique, fun and classy colours!

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