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New Year, New Look, New You!

Its hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to an end. As cliche as this might sound – it seemed like yesterday when I was just counting down the last few seconds of 2012.

But with a new year means a list full of new years resolutions and a fresh start! Why not jump start your fresh start with a brand new look?! Nothing feels better than to start a new year feeling better about yourself!

Here are a few ways to take a risk, have some fun and change it up:

1. New Hair

Why not change up your hair colour this new year?  Many new hair dyes now contain moisturizing formulas that actually make your hair silkier and shinier! So for those who think changing your hair colour will ruin your hair – think again!

Changing up your hair is a great way to create a new look. Its reversible and definitely a fun process!


2. New Body

On every girl’s new year’s resolution, you are bound to find something along the lines of “Exercise and eat healthy.” So why not start working for that dream body of yours right now! Create a new fitness routine that will keep things interesting and find a work-out buddy to help you stay on track!

Not saying its going to be easy, but at the end, it’ll be worth it! Stay focused girls!

 3. New Wardrobe 

One of the easiest ways to create a new look is a new style! This year, instead of heading straight towards the girly lace and pink section at your local Forever 21, try browsing other sections first! You never know until you try!

Take a risk and buy those spiked heels you’ve been eyeing for a while. (Yes, you can pull it off!) Or maybe try on that ridiculously bold pair of printed skinnies! (Who knows? Maybe they’re a perfect fit!) Have some fun and in no time – your friends will be jealous of the new you!


4. New Makeup

Okay girls, its time to admit it. We all have tons and tons of lipsticks, eyeshadows and what not… and our excuse to buy more is usually along the lines of:  “…but I don’t have the matte one!”. Well its time to change it up! Instead of buying the same champagne coloured eyeshadow, or pink-nude lipsticks, try a bolder colour (or in some cases, a more subtle look).

For those dare-devils, we dare you to go makeup-less. No makeup or minimal makeup! We promise you’ll be surprised on how beautiful you can feel without all that makeup!


5. New Attitude!

Yup, as cheesy as this may be… a new attitude is a great way to create a new you!  Laugh more, smile more, offer more and love more! Trust us, being a better person will give you better results!

Good luck everyone and enjoy the last moments of 2013!

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