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Moonrise Kingdom Fashion – Social Services – Get The Look!

Social Services, played by the glorious and fierce Tilda Swinton, is just what her name implies. Even though she is a minor character in Moonrise Kingdom, her presence is strong.

Her job, to place orphan Sam Shakusky in an orphanage. A seemingly simple task becomes dangerous and almost disastrous when Sam and his love Suzy Bishop run away.

Social Services is just as fierce as Swinton. Referring to herself as Social Services, delivering strong lines and piercing looks create a forceful personality. The somewhat soft men in the film are no match for this dynamic woman.

Her style is just as interesting. Social Services dresses in a plain blue uniform, long billowing pants and a tight jacket. When she arrives on the island to collect the boy she becomes more enticing with a beautiful blue cape coat. The real kicker is the bright red lining in the jacket, giving her uniform a punch of personality.

While this look is mostly dark colours, I used pops of colour in the hat and shoes to brighten it up. The vintage coat, and cape jacket are both form-fitting to give you shape, while the wide leg pants – with adorable military-esque buttons –  add some volume. This outfit still gives off a uniform vibe but allows you to look chic.

Social Services
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