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Get The Look of Mad Men’s Sally Draper!

Little Sally Draper – the oldest child of Betty and Don – has experienced things far beyond her years. Sally has been privy to everything her parents endured, most of which she could not understand. She is forced into adulthood and realizes it’s not as glamorous as she thought.

Mirrored against the happy-go-lucky Bobby, Sally has a bit of a temper. Sally sees Betty’s frustrations when she learned how she was being used as a pawn in her scheme to break up Don’s marriage, and bets Betty at her own game. Though she does not always get along with her mother- when she “became a woman”- Betty was the only person she needed.

Sally is the classic child of the sixties. She wears shift dresses, blouses, and jeans that are either  bright or have bold prints and colours. Her clothes are youthful, fun and interesting. Her cute dresses are paired with socks and mary janes, her blouses paired with skinny jeans and keds. In her longing to live in her parents adult world she gets dolled up like Nancy Sinatra. It is fun to watch Sally grow up in this age, and witness her change in style preferences.

Sally Draper

Sally wears adorable shift dresses, showcasing a bold print and bright colour. With the right accessories, this look can be perfect for both day or night. For daytime, pair it with a wedged sandal and casual accessories. For nighttime, a top knot, bangles and a brighter shoe would make this look stellar.

Sally Draper Two

For more casual days, this look is perfect. It’s vintage, cute, and light. Even moving this look into night is incredibly easy. Tuck in the blouse, add a cute belt and some bracelets and grab a bright shoe.

Sally Draper Three

Sally wears a lot of cute dresses. Peter pan collars feature prominently as well as puffy sleeves. The lace socks and mary janes – which are perfectly in trend – keep the look daytime.

Sally Draper Four

Sally’s first encounter with an adult party. Dressed in shiny gold, and shimmery silver, Sally looks older than her age. This is a sixties look. To make it more modern, embellish the ankle boots.

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