How to Start Jogging


Most women want to stay in shape. They want that lean, sexy body that turns head every where they go. The media goes crazy over skinny model type celebrities, and it’s no wonder that retail stores carry all the small sizes! Everyone from Monica Belluci to your next door neighbour wants to look good in those jeans.  When you have a healthy body weight, you look younger and you can dress like a fashionista out of Vogue.

People are willing to spend serious money to get fit. There so many fad diets and craze workouts in the market. But, don’t get caught up in all that. If you want to loose weight fast, say 5 pounds before the next night out, the tried, tested, and true way to get there is our friend cardio. Cardio is the best way to loose weight fast. You will lose all that water fat straight away, in about 1-2 weeks of working out 3 times a week. That’s about five pounds. Sounds lucrative, right? Most women would agree, but many feel unmotivated to start! They have excuses a mile long and aren’t willing to jog that far. It’s difficult to work up the enthusiasm to start.

The smartest way to start your cardio is to just put on your running shoes and head outside for a quick 15 minute jog.  Unfortunately, the number one reason women are unmotivated is they don’t have the right outfit.  You may need special material or super-shock absorbing sneakers or an arm band for your Ipod. The reality is you do not need any of these things. These needs are stemming from marketing ploys from advertising companies to get you to buy their product. The truth is you could use your shorts, your short-shorts or even your old sweatpants. The point is you don’t need to look stunning while you jog! You should feel comfortable and ready to sweat.

Don’t panic about not having a coordinating outfit to jogging in…no one minds! The fact is…jogging is hot. You’re motivated and pushing yourself towards a better body and better health! If you don’t feel hot right away, you will once you come home and take a shower. You do not need your closet to motivate you right away. If you have a great outfit, more power to you! However, you don’t actually NEED one to start looking fabulous in the clothes you already have.

Music is great to have as something to listen to while you jog but, come on you don’t really need AC/DC to soundtrack every move you have on this Earth. Hold on, do you? It’s okay, music can wait until you are ready to shake that well-earned behind once you start your steady workout routine.  If you want to get started that should be your motivation. The feeling you get right after a workout is euphoric. It’s caused by  all the endorphins that get released into your brain after an intensive workout. These happy hormones make you a more positive person. No matter what your age or your body type, being happy is always attractive.

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