Ideas for a Great First Anniversary

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the first anniversary for that marriage. Many see this as a pressuring time to get the celebration right, seeing as it is the very first tribute to the love you share with your significant other. First off, congratulations for remembering the date of the anniversary, and kudos to you for taking a keen interest in planning out this day. Though, the stress is still real. Fear not! These are the ideas for a great first anniversary:

Let’s start off with activities you may consider for this day. Often, people partake in an activity that is reminiscent of the past the two share. If your first date was to the movies, perhaps you would like to go to the movies, for example. If not, then maybe the two of you would like to try something new. Here are a few suggestions:

Go See Live Entertainment – Be it a play, concert, sporting event, whatever. If you’re tightening your purse strings, then the movies should suffice as well.

Go out for Dinner – Maybe it’s your favourite place or maybe you would like to try something new and create new memories. Trying new things is a risk and adventure, but it is one the two of you will take together.

Go on a Trip – Whether it’s the place you first met or somewhere the two of you had been meaning to go, any place near or far will make memories last.

Go for a Picnic – Pick that nice park by the river or that hill that gives you a great view, just make sure you bring all the favourite foods.

Go on a Treasure Hunt – Leave little clues around that lead to a special destination. Don’t make the clues too hard (if your significant other gets lost, then it’s on you) and try to make each destination meaningful towards the love you two share.

Now that you have a sort of idea what you may want to do on this date of epic proportions, then you just have to seal it with a gift. Again, it is a good idea to make it meaningful and symbolic of the two of you, or at least symbolic to the idea of anniversaries. Assuming you know what is meaningful between the two of you, this article will cover what is traditionally symbolic to the union of marriage. Also, what people generally like to get. Here are a few gift examples:

Jewellery – Typical anniversaries suggest that you should give something made of either gold, pearl, or peridot (all which symbolize preciousness).

Flowers – Symbolically, Orange Blossoms (representing purity innocence, eternal love, marriage, and fertility) and Pansies (representing thought or remembrance) are ideal.

Paper – It may sound ridiculous, but paper represents the strength of the interwoven forces present in marriage. Just keep it from being lame by presenting this paper in the form of a book that the two of you enjoy or have been meaning to read, concert tickets to their favourite band, a painting if you’re artistic, a poem if you’re poetic, hand-made cards and other forms of paper craft.

Gift Cards – The more modern route of gift-giving is to go not with paper, but with plastic. Let him indulge in his favourite place.

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