How To Mix Things Up Using Accessories You Already Own

How to mix things up a bit using accessories that you already own

Most of us want to be able to get more out of what we already have in our wardrobes. We are becoming increasingly aware that doing so is good for the planet as well as our pockets. Plus, many of us have taken a knock financially because of what has happened with the coronavirus. So, interest in doing more with what we already own is increasing.

There are lots of approaches you could take. But, one of the easiest ways is to accessorize more.

Find a new way to use your old glasses

If you have a pair of cool retro glasses that you would like to give a new lease of life to, simply have them fitted with your latest prescription. Or, maybe get them turned into a pair of sunglasses. Alternatively, check out this site if you fancy a new pair.

Alternatively, you could sell your old glasses online. There is a growing market for retro frames. Then use the cash to buy yourself a modern pair. If you use an online eyewear retailer to do this, you could potentially end up having money left over. Because they have lower overheads, their prices are usually super competitive.

Rework your jewelry

If you have pieces of jewelry that are too old-fashioned or worn, consider having them re-worked. You can find out more about doing this for relatively expensive pieces by clicking here.

For costume jewelry, you can have a go at doing it yourself. With a bit of patience and a few craft items, a chunky necklace can potentially be turned into a bracelet and a couple of rings.

Get more use out of your wraps and scarves

Most of us own quite a few scarves or wraps. If you do and want to get more use out of them watch this video. In under 5 minutes, you will be shown 25 ways to wear a simple lightweight scarf. You can find similar videos that show you how to do the same with a wrap or a long, thin winter scarf.

You could also potentially turn a large wrap into another item of clothing or accessory. For example, a bag or top. Or, if it is a really big one you could potentially make a skirt out of it.

Also, remember that scarves do not necessarily have to be worn around the neck. They can look great around your waist or tied to a handbag.

Breathe new life into a bag

If you have handbags that you no longer use, don’t simply throw or give them away. Often, with a bit of imagination, you can create a new bag. Something as simple as taking the straps and buckles off of one handbag and putting it on another can have a surprisingly transformative effect.

Use accessories to blend items of clothing together

If you are aching to wear that lovely jacket you bought 5 years ago, with a brand-new outfit, try using some accessories to bring things together. Sometimes all you need to do to make a mixed style outfit work is the right bag and shoes to bridge the gap.

The above are just a few ideas. Using your imagination you are sure to come up with a lot more ways to reuse your accessories and get loads more use out of them.

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