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Smell like a Best Seller? Paper Passion!

For those of us who love books, the love for the scent of the pages could be understood by many. There is now a perfume that captures the unique odor of a freshly printed book. “Paper Passion” celebrates the sensuality of book while relaxing you the way curling up with your favourite novel does.

“Paper Passion” was inspired by German publisher, Gerhard Steidl, and his comments on his fondness for the scent. Shortly after, Steidl began to work with avant-garde perfumer Geza Schoen and Karl Lagerfield joined to design the packaging. Lagerfield also came up with the name of the fragrance. The packaging is a real book with pages cut out for a hidden compartment for the bottle. The first pages are short essays by Lagerfield and a few other authors.

The perfume market is filled with many creators trying to stand out from the others. Oddly enough, “Paper Passion” is not the strangest scent out there. Last year a blood-inspired fragrance based on blood types was created along with a few kitchen inspired perfumes.

“Paper Passion” is currently on sale world-wide in select stores, bookshops and perfumeries for about $98.00 US/ £68 UK.


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